November 21-22 Featured Matches

November 21 – Noxus vs Bandle City


After the failure of both Noxus and Bandle City to have a team of summoners prepared to represent them in the dispute over the title of the coolest faction, the League was forced to do a full inquiry into the matter. After many hours spent searching through the legal procedures of the League, the League of Legends officially declared that it really didn’t care who held the meaningless title.

League officials told the two nations to face off once again for the title, and if they once again both failed to field a team, the title will be denied to both and given to another faction to hold. When reporters inquired as to which faction would be given the title in such an event, the answer has continuously been, “The faction you dislike the most.”

November 22 – Bilgewer vs Shurima


Shurima has had an increase in crime over recent weeks, particularly in the form of groups of bandits raiding carvans, travels, merchants, and others traveling within the desert. With its similarity to pirating, Shurima points the finger to Bilgewater. Naturally the island nation denies any involvement in the matter, calling it ludicrus that they would be involved in the raiding of desert when they are a maritime based power with their experience very much set in the high seas.

Shurima, unswayed in their belief of Bilgewater’s guilt, grew desperate as they could find no evidence to back up their claims. They decided to take the matter to the fields and force Bilgewater to repay for the damage done to their country if they managed to defeat the pirates.

Unfortunately for the desert nation, it was only 2 hours later that evidence surfaced of Gangplank’s involvement of the raiding in Shurima. While he does not officially rule Bilgewater, or even represent them in the League, he holds a significant amount of power over the small nation with his control over the Slaughter Docks, which he won in a League officiated dispute against Miss Sarah Fortune on August 8, 25 CLE.

Since Shurima’s petition to settle the matter on fields had already been processed and approved, they cannot undo this ruling. Bilgewater will only be held (mostly financially) responsible for their crimes if Shurima defeats them on the Fields. Perhaps they should have realized incriminating evidence was about to surface when Bilgewater backed the motion of the League dispute  to settle the matter.

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  1. LOLAccount says:

    Interesting concept haha

  2. Rextreff says:

    when are the matches starting

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