April 2-3 Featured Matches

Saturday, April 2 – Zaun vs Bandle City


With Shurima defeated by Zaun, the remaining forces of Valoran are left cowering in fear of being humiliated on the Fields of Justice. Every representative with the authority to accept a challenge for their nation is avoiding eye contact with Zaunites at the institute, trying to stay on the other side of the room as them. That is, until Rumble marched right up to Viktor. He pulled on the cyborg’s coat tail and forced him to look down.

“I hear you are stomping this coolest faction thing.”

“Yes, Valoran is learning the benefits of the Glorious Evolution. Their flesh is inferior to steel.”

“Yeah, yeah, you beat up on Piltover during this thing, right?”

“They were one of many challengers. Their tinker toys were hopelessly outclassed by our marvelous weaponry.”

Rumble scratched his chin, thinking about the situation, “So, Piltover got their fur handed to them and everyone else is running scared.” He smiled for a moment and whispered to himself, “Perfect.”

He quickly donned a more serious look and locked eyes with Viktor, “I hear you are looking for your next opponent – that stops right now. Understand? Your not going to chicken out from fighting Bandle City and give someone else the chance to take the title. Got that? You’re getting a Bandle City beat down and there is no getting out of it. No one is going to mess with us yordles again, not Zaun and not those thieving little Pilties”

Viktor laughed, his robotic voice filling the room, “You will hardly present a worthy adversary, but if you are so eager to experience the power of my designs first hand, I have no wish to deny you such an experience.”

Sunday, April 3 – Ionia vs the Shadow Isles


Jhin locked the full length barrel onto his gun. He loaded four rounds into the magazine and pulled on the action, moving the first into the chamber. He looked down the sights to and aimed the gun at the far right window to the office of the providence’s elder’s house. His first target was standing next to his third. He would shoot the final target through the hip first, rendering them immobile as he took out the first two.

He would shoot his first target through the throat and let the blood pour out onto his stage. The second target would have a bullet rip through their head as they made for the door. Finally the third target would be poetically shot through the heart as the final act of his performance. It would be beautiful, no it would be perfection.

He placed the hips of the third tragets in his sights. “And now, the curtain rises.” He held his breath as started to squeeze the trigger. His rifle sent the bullet flying. The window shattered and the elder fell to the floor as the shot crippled him.

Jhin moved the aim of his gun to the second target and quickly fired. However, she dropped to the floor before the bullet made impact. The artist slowly blinked, as though his eyes had played a trick on him and that would solve the problem. Naturally, nothing had changed when his eyes opened.

A knife stood in the back of the woman’s body. No, this was not art; this was a member of the audience heckling the performers. A masked clown busted open the door and laughed. “Surprise.”

Shaco saw the elder with the bullet wound, “Hahahahahaha. Looks like I’ve got a leg up on you.” He looked at the third target, slowly stepping back from the masked murderer. His back was up against the wall. “Why so serious? Come one, let’s put a smile on that face.”

An invisible box sitting on the floor directly in front of the target revealed itself. A jester doll popped the top off and sprung out, spraying acid over their face. The target cried out in pain as their face was burned and the air filled with the smell of melting skin. “Not quite a smile, but certainly an improvement. Hahahaha.”

Jhin could not stand to see this amateur ruin his artwork. He aimed the gun at the chest of the clown and sent his bullet down the barrel. It ripped a whole through Shaco’s torso and he cried out in melodramatic pain before exploding into knives shooting out in all directions. Blood from the two still living targets stained the window.

Malicious laughter erupted from behind Jhin. He turned around to see Shaco rolling around on the ground holding his stomach as he laughed. “Hahahaha. Oh I crack myself up.” Jhin spun his rifle around and fired.

Shaco disappeared with a puff of smoke. Jhin hurriedly reached for more bullets from his pocket, but froze when a knife was pressed up to his neck. Shaco pressed another against his back. “Hahahaha. I don’t know why people are saying your performances are so grim. Personally, I can’t stop laughing.”

Shaco disappeared again. Jhin didn’t even bother reaching for his ammo this time, he knew he wouldn’t be fast enough with the reload. The clown appeared in front of him. “Which is why I’m going to make sure that the trick I use on you is going to be one show stopper; your show, to be precise.”

The demon jester laughed again as he disappeared for a third and final time.

Jhin would need to get in contact with his employers. They didn’t care about the details so long as his targets were eliminated, and he could likely forgo his pay in favor of a chance to learn more about this clown on the Institute’s battlegrounds.

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Saturday, April 2 – Zaun vs Bandle City

Sunday April 3 – Ionia vs the Shadow Isles

Intermission Rosters (Jhin was not released at the time of its drafting, but is available for Ionia to use.)

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