Arc VIII—Icathia Ally Selection Vote (Public Vote)


The Summoner drew back her hood, and her eyes shone in the torchlight. Her stony green irises cracked at the edges into rivulets of ethereal purple that rippled with seemingly infinite depth. There is a trite cliche about being lost in someone’s eyes. You could certainly lose yourself in hers. For an ordinary person, trying to stare her down would be difficult; for a mage attuned to the natural flow of the ether, doing so amplified the eerie screech of the Void energy that splintered her aura into…something inhuman.

“I am aware you are having a quite serious difficulty with Bilgewater. I sympathize; they are an irritating upstart, are they not?” She let the question hang unanswered for a few seconds. “We feel similarly about the Lunari and their new Moonstones.”

“What if my associates could help make this troublesome business go away?” She swept her hand aside, as though brushing this pesky mortal quarrel away with a flick of her wrist. “Would that interest you?” She took a step closer.

“I’ve never had the knack for telepathy.” Her eyes narrowed, and the rivulets of purple swelled, filling more of the white space around them. “But it’s not hard to read your thoughts, at the moment. I know your skin is crawling. My associates unsettle you. Perhaps they should. Indeed they should.”

She grinned. “And yes, of course there will be a price to pay.” She leaned in. “But together, we can ensure that it is Bilgewater who pays it.”

She glanced over her shoulder, down the empty hallway of the Institute. It was hard to tell whether she was checking to make sure they were truly alone, or gazing upon an alien face across the dimensions. She tipped her head to the side, as though she were straining to catch a whisper from far away. It seemed that whatever words she caught pleased her. Or, at least, amused her.

“As a token of their profound appreciation, my associates tell me that you may consider your unfortunate entanglement with the League’s disciplinary committee…resolved. Think nothing of it.” She smiled broadly. “All we ask is that you…now that you are, mmm, free of those unfortunate and unnecessary entanglements…spare a moment to have a word with your contacts back home in—”

The upcoming eighth Factions arc will be in a 2v2 format. We’ve chosen the anchor faction for each side: this arc will be between Icathia (and an ally) and Bilgewater (and an ally). The next step is to select those allies. We begin with Icathia, Void-touched land of ecstatic lunacy and cosmic horror.

The vote will conclude at 5 Pacific on April 2, 2016.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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