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Runeterra’s a dangerous place. Too dangerous to go alone!

It seems that the new client may not have a chat function at all. This got me thinking about what we’d do with a client with no chat in it. Making a virtue of necessity is a Factions tradition, and I believe we’ve honorably continued that tradition with the idea for Summoner sections.

A section is a team or squad within a faction. Each has a designated leader. You can certainly create them as clubs in-client, but you don’t have to. A section’s primary purpose is to give Summoners an immediate social circle smaller and more manageable than their entire faction. Sections are also meant to make it easier for new Summoners to get to know the Factions community.

I should note that, in-universe, a section is not much more than an assignment. Don’t go bossing your sectionmates around in roleplays. Or, well, do, but know that ordering Summoners around isn’t usually a good idea, unless your name comes in a form such as “(Name), the (Adjective) (Noun)”.

I’ve also given the sections randomized names. Er. I mean. I’ve performed a ritual using the Master Tome of Names to select an appropriate name for each section.

Summoner Sections

These are also linked on the Summoner List page.

Joining or Creating a Section

If you would like to be added to a section, contact its leader. They can then notify me to have you officially added.

If you would like to be added to the list of Summoners willing to lead a section, contact me.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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