Black Winter Week 4 Schedule


I’m rather pleased that, for the first time in Factions history, we have a schedule. I figured I would start doing weekly schedule posts, to lay out what’s happening in the coming week.

With the Week 3 tournament complete, we’re heading now into Week 4. We’ll be repeating the basic structure of Weeks 1 and 2 in Weeks 4 and 5:

  • Week 4: Champion pickup, FMs between Demacia and Ionia with World Systems draws as prizes (like the Week 1 FMs)
  • Week 5: Lore Event II, FMs versus Shadow Isles to determine Lore Event II outcome (like the Week 2 FMs)

There are just a couple changes:

  • Week 4 FMs are being moved to the following week, probably Monday/Tuesday, given that Saturday and Sunday are Christmas Eve and Christmas.
  • In Week 4, each faction will select one of its remaining two recruitable Champions. It will then pick up the last Champion automatically on Wednesday of Week 5.

One schedule shortfall: there’s a fair bit of narrative lore that’s still to be published. In the interim, Arc Outline section of the arc page has a Cliff’s Notes version of the major events so far, including World Systems roll results.

The arc will conclude on Thursday, January 5. We’ll then move into Intermission. I’m actually liking the overall structure of this arc so far, and plan to repeat it (with some revisions and modifications) for the next arc. Speaking of the next arc, I’ve set up a community ideas thread for Arc X.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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