Black Winter Tournament


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In October of 26 CLE, the Black Mist swept through Bilgewater and enveloped all of Valoran. It collided with a snowstorm descending from the Freljord, and began the Black Winter. High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye, knowing that the League would only be humiliated if it tried to issue orders to its member-states in the midst of this crisis, immediately released all Summoners back to their respective nations. While most of the League’s members faltered, Demacia and Ionia developed equally effective, but mutually exclusive, strategies: while Demacia drew on holy magic to banish the undead and hunted down heretical necromantic cults, Ionia invoked ancestral spirits and sought to mediate between the living and the departed. A dispute began in the League to decide which of these approaches would be adopted.

As the dispute entered its third week, Demacia and Ionia jointly called upon the Council to reactivate the Summoner corps. Until that point, only a select few Summoners were actively involved as agents of the League. The League and its Summoners, then, represented a major asset that was still untapped.

A grand tournament was called, set for December 17 and December 18. Success on the Fields would grant the authority to wield the League’s own resources in the service of the victor’s agenda.

Day One: December 17

December 17 was a best-of-three using GGSSB teams.

  • Demacian Team: Scruffy Nerf Herders
    • Captain: Endgame1125
    • Pato123
    • Rextreff
    • DarkLordArbitur
    • Whitakker
    • Sub: Random Nom
  • Ionian Team: The Boosted Animes
    • Captain: MagosAmphrose
    • Oftar
    • Spirit of Pride
    • Rysa
    • UdyrNick


  • Match One
    • Casting by: 501st Big Mike, PONCHOGRANDE
  • Match Three
    • Casting by: 501st Big Mike, Kaiden, PONCHOGRANDE
  • Pickup Match
    • A really fun pickup match we streamed after the tournament’s first day.
    • Casting: 501st Big Mike, CupcakeTrap

Day Two: December 18

December 18 was a best-of-three using HHHGG teams.

  • Demacian Team: “Bilgewater Summoners (Why are we here anyway?)”
    • Captain: Orderly Anarchist
    • Sodaman64
    • tldr am duck
    • Rextreff
    • Rowena Ravenclaw
  • Ionian Team: Those Ionian guys
    • Captain: K aiden
    • RustSka
    • Darkomega242
    • Pinky Lotus
    • Oftar


  • Match One
    • Casting by: 501st Big Mike, Kuronan
  • Match Two
    • Casting by: 501st Big Mike, CupcakeTrap, Kuronan
  • Match Three
    • Casting by: 501st Big Mike, CupcakeTrap, Sexy Soraka
    • Includes a post-match interview with the Demacian team.

The Story So Far

As a placeholder, I’m going to toss in an outline here.


  • Matches will be scored as Featured Matches.
  • Each win will grant one draw from the “buffs” deck, which provides NPCs and other World Systems advantages that bend the story in your favor.
  • The overall winner of each day will gain access to the League’s resources, which can be used to reinforce their efforts in the operations begun in Week 2. The overall effect will be one step in the positive direction, e.g., from “stalemate” to “victory”.
    • The winner of the first day will improve the outcome of their secondary objective (hunting necromancers in the Freljord for Demacia, reinforcing Shon-Xan and checking Syndra’s influence for Ionia).
    • The winner of the second day will improve the outcome of their primary objective (defending Piltover for Demacia, protecting Nyroth for Ionia).


Ionia went 2-1 on the first day, improving the Shon-Xan situation from “defeat” to “stalemate”.
Demacia went 2-1 on the second day, improving the Piltover situation from “victory” to “triumph”.

The League has dispatched Summoners to Shon-Xan. Support for Syndra has dissipated somewhat, as moderate leaders turn to the League and the Ionian Council of Elders for support.

Demacia’s relief efforts in Piltover will similarly be augmented by League reinforcements. First and foremost, the League’s unparalleled arcane capabilities will do much to make up for Demacia’s comparatively rudimentary grasp of arcane science. Over vocal Zaunite opposition, the League will also be dispatching observers and investigators to Zaun, to inquire into rumors that some of the undead horrors emerging from the industrial city were the products of collaboration between Noxian sorcerors and Zaunite megacorporate R&D.

World Systems Draws

For each match won, the faction draws from the World Systems deck. These advantages will come into play in future World Systems events, most notably Lore Event II, which will take place in Week 5.

  • NPCs: Each faction has one NPC per stat. Draws can level them up or empower them with additional bonuses. These account for the majority of draws.
  • Champion Boost: A Champion will show up in the next lore event and provide a bonus equal to their wins in the previous weekend’s FMs. (Minimum +1, maximum +6).
  • Summoner Boost: A Summoner will be chosen at random from the names of those who started pickup matches (one “entry” per pickup match started.) That Summoner will make an appearance in the next lore event, adding Balance of Power/10 (minimum +1, maximum +3) to the selected stat.

World System Draws—Demacia

Demacia went 1-2 on the first day and 2-1 on the second day. It picks up three World Systems buffs. It drew:

  • Light of Heaven (Lector Livien Crownguard crit bonus). When Demacia rolls a 6+ on its Balance of Power die for a Vision check, Livien Crownguard’s command of holy magic doubles the bonus from her level.
  • Sir Honnan Laurent (level up). Demacia’s Influence NPC, Sir Honnan Laurent, levels up to level 2.
  • Summoner Cyrus “Random Nom” Barclay (Might boost). In Lore Event II, this Summoner will show up and do something suitably heroic, perhaps related to his operations in the Piltovian Highlands. This will add BoP/10 to Might (minimum +1).

World System Draws—Ionia

Ionia went 2-1 on the first day and 1-2 on the second day. It picks up three World Systems buffs. It drew:

  • General Hakoto Yuyogi (Might NPC). Ionia recruited General Hakoto Yuyogi, a famed Ionian general who led a successful resistance movement during the Noxian occupation.
  • Old Soldier (General Hakoto Yuyogi defense bonus). Old soldiers die hard. If a bad roll would normally KO General Yuyogi, this buff is consumed instead.
  • Summoner Janus “XalkXolc” Medlen (Might boost). In Lore Event II, Summoner XalkXolc will show up and do something suitably heroic. This will add BoP/10 to Might (minimum +1).

Forum Threads

I’ve created some forum threads for discussion:


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