Demacian Intervention


Demacian Intervention

by CrazedPorcupine

This is a Beyond the Battlefield story, set during the Shon-Xan storyline.

Xin Zhao burst open the doors leading to the throne room of King Jarvan III. The various officials looked astonished at Xin Zhao’s insubordinate actions. “What is the meaning of this, Xin?” asked King Jarvan in a dangerously quiet tone.

“I’m sorry my liege, but the lack of action on Demacia’s part to aid Ionia in this desperate time of need is unacceptable. Your father would never have allowed Noxus to get away with such actions. We have thousands of troops at our disposal, why do we not send them to Ionia to aid the conflict there?” Xin Zhao replied, only barely managing to keep his tone level.

“The rest of Valoran is still in ruins and disarray after the Void Invasion. Our troops are dedicated to restoring the peace and plenty back to Valoran. This conflict was caused by a lack of place for the citizens of Noxus to flee after the Void Invasion. I will not risk the lives of countless Demacian soldiers on a needless conflict when those Noxians will again need refuge after their displacement after this war. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?” King Jarvan Bellowed. The government officials in the room muttered in agreement. Xin Zhao could barely contain his fury. At that moment, Prince Jarvan IV entered the room followed soon after by Sona.

“My lord, Father, let us entreat the goddess Ceruleana to aid us. We need not risk soldiers’ lives if Ceruleana is willing to aid us in destroying the Noxian fleet and allowing several elite soldiers to land on Ionia to aid in the command of Ionian forces against the Noxian army,” Jarvan IV said before his father the king could speak. Several of the officials in the room had thoughtful looks on their faces.

“My King, the prince’s words have merit. We do have the favor of the mighty sea goddess Ceruleana. We could easily have a few ships depart for Ionia and if the goddess be willing, we would be able to land a few troops to help support Ionia without much risk,” one of the officials in the room said.

A haunting music filled the air, pulling at the heart filling the men with shame and grief. Sona’s message was clear, she wanted Ionia to be safe, her home for her childhood, and she would gladly fight if it meant that Ionia would be safe.

King Jarvan III’s face softened. “Very well, I will have the priests entreat Ceruleana for favor to allow a small fleet of ships containing only a few Demacian champions to sail to Ionia and to destroy the Noxian fleet along the way. Should the priests come back with the message that Ceruleana will not aid us, we will NOT go. I refuse to risk lives to the anger of a goddess. Xin, Sona, both of you have expressed desire to help Ionia. Since you wish to go I will not stop you, but understand that should Ceruleana refuse to help, I cannot guarantee safe travel to Ionia.” Turning to his son, Prince Jarvan IV, King Jarvan III said, “I however cannot allow you to travel to Ionia. You are needed to lead the troops in the rebuilding effort of Valoran. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my King. I will do as you command.” Jarvan IV turned and left the room. Sona played a quiet tune conveying the message that she was glad that the King was taking the route to offer some help to Ionia. She too left the room.

Xin Zhao turned back to the king after watching Sona and the Prince leave. “Forgive me my lord, I acted harshly earlier. I simply do not wish to see the citizens of Ionia becoming victims to the cruel gladiatorial games that I was subjected to. Thank you for offering some support to Ionia.” As Xin Zhao turned to leave, King Jarvan III spoke out. “Xin Zhao, you have been incredibly loyal to Demacia since my father rescued you, I know that it is hard for you to remember those times in the Pits. I know too well the ruthlessness of Noxus, but know that I have my own people to care about. Also note that should you ever question me again, I am not afraid to punish you. I will always accept your council, but remember, I am the King and I will do what I feel is best for this Nation. Never forget that.”

Xin Zhao thanked the King for his time and his patience and then left the room.

King Jarvan then turned to the officials standing in the room. “Send word to the priests to begin prayers and offerings to Ceruleana, we will need her favor if we wish to send the small fleet to Ionia. Now go.”

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