Recruit Friends

You can help Factions grow by recruiting quality Summoners. All skill levels are welcome.

Recruit Summoners and Help Factions Grow

Here are some specific ideas for recruiting:

  • Message some friends. Link them to Consider starting a match and inviting them to try it out.
  • Bump the sign-up thread.
  • Had a nice team in yolo queue? Link in the post-game lobby.
  • Post a link to on Facebook or Twitter.

Recruitment Rewards

We’ve set up a simple “refer-a-friend” program in appreciation for those Summoners who help recruit new people for Factions. The more active participants we have, the easier it is to get matches going.

Recruit 3 Summoners — Faction Swap

Anyone who recruits at least 3 Summoners for Factions will be allowed to change their faction allegiance. (Limit of once per arc.)

Recruit 5 Summoners — Lore Cameo

Anyone who recruits at least 5 Summoners will get a cameo appearance in a lore update.

Recruit 10 Summoners — Bonus Vote for Next Arc’s Factions

Anyone who recruits at least 10 Summoners will receive a sizable bonus vote in the poll to decide which factions will face off in the next arc.

Join the Team

We’re also looking for some people to join staff as recruiters and representatives to the larger LoL community.

If you have an idea to help advertise Factions, let us know.

3 comments on “Recruit Friends
  1. 501st Big Mike says:

    Just wondering, with this reward system in place, how would someone prove/report that they recruited summoners.

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