The Eye of Discord


The Eye of Discord

by Junpei Tenmyouji

This is a Beyond the Battlefield story, set during the Shon-Xan storyline.

Hmm. Eyelids. What purpose do they serve? Immediate observations appear to give the result that their only purpose is to keep small particles out of the host’s eyes. Have they not evolved past the point of needing such primitive biological devices? Their eyes would be much more efficient if they could simply keep out the particles automatically.

Blink, blink.

Location: Ionia. I have come here from Icathia with a simple mission: find their knowledge, and consume it.

All beings that come from the Void have one simple purpose. Consume and adapt. Kill and consume. My purpose is consume… and learn. I seek knowledge. The ultimate knowledge. I have seen it before, and I will have it. No being, mortal or otherwise, will stand in my path. And if they try, I will absorb their knowledge through disintegration.

Knowledge is much more powerful than any type of brute force or magic. And yet, despite how rich with information their land is, all humans can seem to do is destroy it. They rage petty wars over the most simplistic things, and yet, there is no conclusive data on what the purpose of war is.

The information that I have already consumed immediately showed me to find a path that would allow me to safely find my way into this land undetected. Their primitive surveillance devices showed a low melting point. Note to attempt to find other such devices later for further tests.

Signs scattered about the landscape that appear to serve no other purpose than to help a lost traveler seem to tell the name of this land. I appear to be on an island named “Shon-Xan”. However, judging by the lack of inhabitants, it appears this land has been largely abandoned. What would drive them off from such a profitable landscape?

Observation: A hill. There appears to be a corpse on top of it. Unmoving, with large amounts of blood protruding from the subject’s chest. Creature immediately identified as human, and appears to be wearing armor made out of some sort of alloy.

I immediately slither my way over to the subject. His armor is adorned by a strange marking and the color blue. I note that the Ionians seem to have an arbitrary preference towards that color. Perhaps an Ionian soldier. Could a battle have been done here?

A look over the hill immediately confirms my suspicions. I observe many, many corpses. Some of them appear to share the marking and the color scheme of the previous subject. Some of them have a different marking and are covered in the color of red, and it is not just their own blood. I immediately conclude that this must have been the battleground between Ionia and an unknown secondary faction.

Going down the hill, I notice one red soldier in particular that catches my eye; despite his helmet that is massive in comparison to his misshapen head, he appears to have been bisected straight down the middle, and neither of his halves have grown back.

A blade that could have committed an act such as this must have been of master craftsmanship. No ordinary soldier could have simply bisected an armored man. That must mean there is at least one Ionian soldier who is wielding an extremely sharp blade, most likely longer than three feet in size.


A second soldier is also immediately noted to be interesting, due to the status of his body. This one is wearing the blue armor. While his top half appears to be fine, his back is almost completely corroded. Additionally, the ground beneath the man appears to be… almost alive. Desecrated. Tormented. A great magical being must have inflicted this fate upon this man.

Strange… yet unprecedented.

Looking across the battlefield, many of these men seem to have met similar fates. Whether through magic or being torn into pieces by swords and axes, they all have died in gruesome matters. Whatever forces waged this battle here, they must have been great in strength. The sheer numbers that these forces came in means that the two factions are great in size, having many disposable infantry that could fight for them. And yet, their greatest warriors still fought on the battlefield. Why?

I believe there is only one place that I could go where I could find this information. If there were any place that I could find the greatest warriors that any faction had to offer, it would have to be… there.

Yes, after I am done absorbing all of the knowledge that these dead humans hold, I shall find the warriors that I seek at the League of Legends!


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