Tournament: June 21–22

At long last, we’re setting up our first real tournament for this arc. More lore to come; for now, I just want to post up the basic structure.


The battle for control of the dark sand has reached a turning point. The League of Legends has announced the first major tournament of the dispute. The winner of this tournament will be granted authority over a large swath of dark sand that until now has been cordoned off by the Council. Whoever gains control of these pyrikhos fields will also win the support of Merricurry, a hextech genius who until now has been watching on the sidelines while carrying out her own personal research.

Tournament Structure

On Saturday, each faction will fight every other faction. The top two factions from Saturday will advance to fight a best-of-three against one another on Sunday.

Saturday, June 21

On Saturday, we’ll have six matches, in which each faction will face every other faction once. I have randomly arranged the schedule as follows:

  • Match I: Piltover vs. Bandle City
    • Match begins at 11:30 Pacific — 12:30 Mountain — 1:30 Central — 2:30 Eastern
  • Match II: Piltover vs. Demacia
    • Match begins at 12:30 Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern
  • Match III: Piltover vs. Zaun
    • Match begins at 1:30 Pacific — 2:30 Mountain — 3:30 Central — 4:30 Eastern
  • Match IV: Bandle City vs. Zaun
    • Match begins at 2:30 Pacific — 3:30 Mountain — 4:30 Central — 5:30 Eastern
  • Match V: Demacia vs. Zaun
    • Match begins at 3:30 Pacific — 4:30 Mountain — 5:30 Central — 6:30 Eastern
  • Match VI: Bandle City vs. Demacia
    • Match begins at 4:30 Pacific — 5:30 Mountain — 6:30 Central — 7:30 Eastern

The top two teams from Saturday will advance to Sunday. We may have tiebreakers as necessary.

Sunday, June 22

On Sunday, the top two teams from Saturday will fight a best-of-three to decide the ultimate winner.

The first match will begin at 12:30 Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern.


We’ll be handling teams differently for this tournament. Rather than having everyone sign up and then randomly selecting lists of Summoners, we’ll be using formal, pre-arranged teams for this.

Representing Piltover

Piltover’s Porkers

  • Captain: Sgt Porkchop
  • Summoner 1: Nhan (Sub: FuzzyTigerGuy)
  • Summoner 2: Shaco Bot (Subs: ThatsYummy, TempestEP)
  • Summoner 3: Sgt Porkchop (Sub: Valiant Serpent)
  • Summoner 4: Mixizm (Subs: MrKarato, SuperWeenie, Emomageoflife)
  • Summoner 5: spiderkid500 (Subs: jrob6593, Kjackice, EliteTristann)

Backups: List of Piltovian Summoners who are available for the tournament weekend.

Representing Bandle City

Bandle City Beatdown

  • Captain: Wrath of Avarice
  • Summoner 1: Sheralino (Sub: Refuse Fate)
  • Summoner 2: Twilight Shroud
  • Summoner 3: Wrath of Avarice (Sub: Ras Doomreaver)
  • Summoner 4: Junpei Tenmyouji (Subs: Fluffycake9  — InsertCleverNckn)
  • Summoner 5: Branden3710 (Sub: The Shaded Blade)

Backups: List of Bandle City Summoners who are available for the tournament weekend.

Representing Zaun

Zaun Imperium

  • Captain: OrderlyAnarchist
  • Summoner 1: Naggarok
  • Summoner 2: Companion Prism (Sub: SonOfTill)
  • Summoner 3: OrderlyAnarchist
  • Summoner 4: Xeron Nosoul (Sub: Rahh231)
  • Summoner 5: Geekee was Taken (Sub: Hexmage)

Backups: List of Zaunite Summoners who are available for the tournament weekend.

Representing Demacia

Demacia, Now and Forever

  • Captain: 501st Big Mike
  • Summoner 1: Kaiden
  • Summoner 2: Irelia Bot
  • Summoner 3: Esperone
  • Summoner 4: 501st Big Mike
  • Summoner 5: Taeban (Sub: InsaneDestroyer2)

Backups: List of Demacian Summoners who are available for the tournament weekend.

Have a team ready?

If you want to organize a team, gather together a list of Summoners who can play on both Saturday and Sunday and send in the list with a suitable team name and a designated captain. These teams will be “rainbow” teams: each team will have a slot for one Diamond/Challenger, one Platinum, one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze or Unranked.

We will grant official status to teams on a first-come basis: the first team from each Faction to submit their team information above will be recognized as that faction’s official team.

Want to play, but don’t want to organize a team?

You can submit your name below. This list will be made available to Summoners who are trying to build their teams. If you put your email address down, it will be publicly visible.


Each match will have a base value of 10 points.

The winner of the tournament will win a new Champion and the support of Merricurry, a brilliant yordle scientist. She will dramatically increase the research capabilities of whichever faction she supports.

The second-place team will win a new Champion.

Storyline Conclusion

Zaun has held a commanding lead for some time. If they win this tournament, then the next tournament will be structured as a “Zaun versus the world” competition; if Zaun wins that second tournament, the arc will immediately end with victory (viktory) for Zaun. Since Zaun is now approaching an instant win, we’re going to start being somewhat harsher on Zaun (and nicer to the other factions), to make sure they really have to work for it.

In any event, this storyline will be coming to a close at 11:59 p.m. on July 31, 2014, so a new storyline can begin.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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