Lore Event V Resolution Overview

Voting has concluded for Interactive Lore Event V: The Beginning of the End. Now the decisions made by Summoners from each faction will play out.

Most of the results will be released today:

  • Will Piltover and Bandle City form an alliance?
  • Which Champions will join the fray?
  • What research projects will the factions launch next?
  • Will Zaun send troops to quell the riots in Noxus?
  • Where will Zaun begin building its next warpgate?

However, some decisions will remain secret a little longer:

  • Will Demacia attack Zaun?
  • If Demacia attacks, will Piltover or Bandle City send help?
  • What espionage operations will each faction carry out?

These aspects of the lore event will play out over the next week, after the tournament this weekend. (Partial exception: any espionage carried out by Piltover against Bandle City, or vice versa, will be resolved today, because that influences the alliance question.)

Be on the lookout for the initial results shortly.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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