Summoner’s Herald Special Report

See: Interactive Lore Event V.

Prior to the publication of the first issue of the Summoner’s Herald, we bring you an advance draft of a special pre-tournament report. On the eve of the June 21–22 tournament, representatives from the factions participating in the current dispute have held a series of conferences, from which we have gleaned the following news updates.

Piltover, Bandle City Form Alliance

Terms of treaty include cooperation in pyrikhos dispute, technological collaboration

ALBION FORUM, Piltover— The Mayor of Piltover and a representative of the Mothership Elders have publicly signed a new treaty between Piltover and Bandle City, establishing a formal alliance between these “friendly rivals”. Both factions will remain distinct participants in the present dispute concerning Shurima, but their Champions and Summoners will provide limited assistance to one another in matches against Demacia and Zaun. They have also agreed to collaborate on research into the pyrikhos. Today’s announcement comes on the eve of the first day of a grand tournament which will determine ownership of a large section of pyrikhos fields currently under Council control.
19 June, CLE 24.

Riots In Noxus

Riots spread; Zaun deploys HexKorps division

NOXUS— Building anger against the Noxian leadership in the wake of the Shon-Xan conflict has exploded into rioting and street warfare. Grand General Jericho Swain has deployed Noxian soldiers to put down the insurrection with deadly force. At Swain’s request, Zaun has dispatched an armored HexKorps division to assist. High-profile Reformist figures have endorsed the uprising, which some are now calling a rebellion. Neither side has yet petitioned the League for intervention. Noxus has closed its gates, and it may be some time before further reliable information is available. As of this writing, smoke continues to rise from within the walls.
20 June, CLE 24.

New Champions Enter Shurima Dispute

Xerath, Rammus, Kayle, Sona, and Braum declare their allegiances

INSTITUTE OF WAR— The Council has granted leave to each of the factions participating in the Shurima dispute to recruit new Champions for their cause.


Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, has declared for Bandle City.
“Such big hearts these little yordles have! And such delicious treats they make for poros.”
Braum’s declaration accompanies news of a possible commercial exchange program between Bandle City’s merchant troupes and a consortium of Freljordian villages.

XerathSquareXerath, the Magus Ascendant, has declared for Zaun.
“How absurd that this bickering over handfuls of glowing sand has brought you here: the precipice of a power beyond your miserly imaginations. Come, Zaun, and I will show you the might of Shurima, while these fools feud over the dust that lies in its shadow.”
The Council has also confirmed receipt of petition submitted by Zaun under seal. It is rumored to concern new archaeological exploration in Shurima.


Kayle, the Judicator, has declared for Demacia.
“We shall bring the dawn in which these fiends will burn.”
It is believed that Zaun’s increasingly ambitious experimentation with Void energy provoked Kayle to enter the dispute on Demacia’s side. Although Demacia now acknowledges that cautious research into the pyrikhos may provide useful information, it continues to adamantly oppose Zaun’s “reckless” methods.


Sona, the Maven of the Strings, has declared for Demacia.
As an adopted member of House Buvelle, it is unusual that Sona has not been a participant in this dispute from the start. In this case, however, Demacia faced considerable legal hurdles to establishing standing, and was forced to compromise on its roster of Champions. Fiora, of House Laurent, remains on the sidelines for now.


Finally, in the Council’s most contentious decision today, Rammus, the Armordillo, has been allowed to join Piltover in this competition. It was a close vote, and observers believe the pivotal moment came when Rammus answered a Zaunite advocate’s question with a subtle barb, visibly agitating her and disrupting her thus-far persuasive line of argument.

Zaunite Corporation Reopens Ironspike Mines

Zafion Industries insists secret operation is “primarily investigational”

IRONSPIKE MOUNTAINS— Zafion Industries has reopened a large complex of abandoned mines in the Ironspike Mountains, but not, they say, for mining. The move has ignited a firestorm of controversy among environmental activists, who unsuccessfully petitioned the Council to order the presence of League observers during the re-opening process. The mines were abandoned in 21 CLE when League Champion Anivia secured new environmental regulations to protect the mountain range, and have lain unused since then. Zafion representative Nida Jayanti insists that activists are making something out of nothing: “We’re aware of the controversial history of these mines. I’m not at liberty to discuss the project in detail, but I can assure you that our activities are primarily investigational, and we are committed to full compliance with the League’s environmental regulations.” Zafion acquired the mines recently. They were previously owned by PyriTek Corporation, which disbanded after being implicated in the explosive sabotage of Piltovian research facilities earlier this year.
20 June, CLE 24.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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  3. Kuronan says:

    Xerath for Zaun! What’s that Demacia? I can’t hear you over THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY IN EXISTENCE DECLARING HIMSELF OUR ALLY!

    • You should have seen the quote I suggested instead. 8’D

      BUT YEAH.





      \m/ >u<

      • BlackRose02 says:

        Noxus’s time has ended. Demacia’s might will fail them. Bandle City is weakened. Piltover has proven itself unworthy of the title of “City of Progress”. The Era of Zaun has come. Bow down to our mastery of pyrikhos, and hex-tech. In other words, ZAUN WILL RULE ALL, SUCKERS!

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