Research Rolls: July, Week I

Here are this week’s research system rolls. Visit the research system page for more information on the projects.

Balance of Power modifiers:

  • Piltover: +2
  • Bandle City: +2
  • Zaun: +4
  • Demacia: +0

Other modifiers:

  • Zaun gains a +1 global bonus from Merricurry, and has a 25% chance of a “wildcard” breakthrough.
  • Bandle City and Piltover will each give the other one bonus roll. Bandle City will help Piltover with the Ultraceramic Armor project and Piltover will help Bandle City with Lunar Base.

This week, I’m doing this with a handy spreadsheet. The details of the rolls are there.

I apologize for some projects not having art; I’ll put that together as soon as I can, but I’m prioritizing some other things, like figuring out whether or not the world ends.

Likewise, there are obviously some follow-up decisions to be made in light of these results; I’m postponing those until I finish the Battle of Shurima resolution. However, feel free to gather ideas!


Piltover had a good week!


Advances to Gamma Phase!


Advances to Gamma Phase!


Advances to Gamma Phase!

Bandle City’s researchers tried to help out, but they were distracted by making adorable cupcakes with armordillo expressions drawn on them in frosting and got very little science done.

Ironclad Fleet (art in progress)

Advances to Beta Phase!

Bandle City

Bandle City has completed the design and construction of a fleet of yordle-sized submarines, which are now being launched to help Fizz search for his lost people, believed to be distant kin of the yordles. A key side-technology developed in this endeavor were extra-fluffy towels to dry off fuzzy little yordles, lest they catch cold. Aww!


It turns out that those “crucial experiments” Ziggs was conducting was just an elaborate front for some work he was doing for the Mythbreakers program. He has been sternly reprimanded but is not obviously remorseful.

In his defense, it was pretty cool.


Project complete!

The Yordles have assembled a fleet of tiny submarines that they can use to help Fizz search for his lost people, believed to be distant kin of the yordles. Let the undersea adventures begin!


Advances to Gamma Phase!

Piltover tried to help out here, but just didn’t understand the importance of communal architecture in designing a yordle city on the moon. Their blueprints were utterly incompatible with the number of cupcake bakeries and juicebox production facilities Bandle City requires.


Several poros ran away, and the researchers had to spend the entire week chasing them down. No progress was made, although it was terribly, terribly cute.


Zaun has brought several key projects to near-completion.


Advances to Gamma Phase!


Advances to Gamma Phase!

Infinity Engine (art in progress)

No luck this week. Mundo took the prototype for a test flight and didn’t return it for days. He did submit a field research report, but it was entirely in crayon and singularly unhelpful.

Noxian Decontamination (art in progress)

Advances to Beta Phase!

Zeppelin Skyfleet (art in progress)

Advances to Beta Phase!


Demacia is busy saving the world from the side-effects of everyone else’s research, for the most part. Still, they are now very close to bringing in some reinforcements for when/if it all goes Voidpocalyptic.


Advances to Gamma Phase!

Danger Level Checks

Everyone passed their Danger Level checks. Yay! Nobody gets eaten by the Void, except maybe the whole world when the Shuriman mines explode.

Stay tuned for more!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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5 comments on “Research Rolls: July, Week I
  1. StormRevolver says:

    i cant help to smirk about all the yordle science adventures! XD

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Haha, yes. I really want to see more Yordle exploration/discovery. I’m a little sad that there wasn’t more of that this arc. Those tiny yordles just could not get the points.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    hm shouldnt piltover start a new main project too? we only got champion projects

  3. 501st Big Mike says:

    Uh, I don’t know if its just me with this problem, but the spreadsheet is only showing the Piltover rolls and no one else’s.

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