The Plural of Apocalypse


Zaun was given three choices about what to do about the pending Voidpocalypse, as they stood before the portal within the Shuriman mines:

  1. Nuke it from orbit: it’s the only way to be sure. Let Demacia use Cosmic Purity to destroy the pyrikhos in the mines and shut the portal. Guaranteed to work, but will render the dark sand in the mines inert.
  2. Have cake, eat cake. Try to close it with Extradimensional Theory. Will keep the pyrikhos usable. 80% odds of success. Failure means Voidpocalypse.
  3. I’ve decided to become a Bond villain. Try to control the portal, deciding which factions get hit with Voidlings. 40% chance of success. Failure means Voidpocalypse.

They chose option two. This called for a d10 roll. On a 1 or 2, there would be Voidpocalypse. They rolled a 10. Malzahar was all, “BOW BEFORE THE VOID” and Zaun was all “lol no” and Kassadin probably appeared out of nowhere to silence him in the face. The portal closed.

No Voidpocalypse today.

What happens now? Well, we finish the tournament, and then the League starts sorting all this stuff out. Demacia’s army has been absolutely wrecked, and the League is furious. Now they face a resurgent Noxus backed by a Zaunite army that did not exist even a few months ago but has proven itself a worthy adversary for the mightiest military force in Valoran. From their own perspective, though, they did the honorable thing, taking drastic measures at great risk to themselves to ensure that Runeterra would not suffer another Void War. Bandle City and Piltover are in a similar situation.

This will develop more fully in the final lore updates of the arc, and in the setup for the next one.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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13 comments on “The Plural of Apocalypse
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  3. BlackRose02 says:

    I have a question about after the arc ends. Will the factions all be able to keep their new tech? What I mean is will they be given sufficient pyrikhos to maintain their creations, or make more fuel for the mothership, or make new warpgates even if their faction did not win?

  4. Companion Prism says:

    To all those doubters who wanted to let Demacia have their way with the mines: I say, “haha!”

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      DEMACIA: You fools! Your gadgetry and theorizing cannot overcome the infinite madness and vile corruption of the V-

      MERRICURRY: There we go. Polarity reversed.

      MALZAHAR: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo tell orderly i love him

      DEMACIA: Well. Uh. Good thing we were here to … call attention to the situation.

      MERRICURRY: When the League issues sanctions, I want one of the terms to be that Sona has to fetch my coffee for the next six months.

      SONA: … :(

      MERRICURRY: Allegrissimo, bitch.

      • Companion Prism says:

        Please make this a part of the final lore update, at least in some fashion. Poetry in its finest form!

      • Rick6tkh says:

        actually it’d be more along the lines of “so, uh, despite us curbstomping your armies, thanks for bailing us out after we got our asses smoked like a 2$ cigar by the void” according to how the matches played out.

      • Kuronan says:

        Yea Rick… I mean, it’s not like Bandle City never had any issues holding off Nefara or anything…

        That Darius was just too heavy… REALLY freaking bad, some of us wanted to call a rematch.

  5. 501st Big Mike says:

    Only one problem here, Kassadin can’t silence people anymore. 0_o

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      With the multiverse crashing together around the portal, he briefly turned into Old Kassadin and did.

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        Mother of god, that must of been a nightmare zone, full of Old Kassadin, and Old Nidalee, and Old Xin Zhao.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        > Mother of god, that must of been a nightmare zone, full of Old Kassadin, and Old Nidalee, and Old Xin Zhao.

        Approximately 60% of Voidlings were killed by Release Xin Zhao.

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