Factions Calendar

This calendar lists upcoming Factions events.

List of Events

Here are some key recurring events.

Arc Launch and Conclusion

The sixth arc is scheduled to begin on August 20, 2014 and end on December 21, 2014. It could end earlier than that, if one faction takes a commanding lead and wins a special victory tournament.

Featured Matches

Overseen by: 501st Big Mike (NA)

Featured Matches take place every Saturday and Sunday. There is a best of three each day. Faction combinations are randomly determined for each week. We have not yet randomly assigned factions to particular days, but plan to do so shortly after the arc begins.

Note: We also want to have Featured Matches and Tournaments in other regions. We’re currently discussing how to arrange that on a region-by-region basis.


Overseen by: 501st Big Mike

We will hold a full-scale tournament once per month, in place of a given weekend’s Featured Matches.

World System Rolls

Overseen by: Naggarok

Every Friday night, Naggarok oversees the dice rolls for the World Systems. This is the upgrade to the “Research Rolls” from Hextech Revolution. It now spans several different systems. This is an optional component of Factions which allows interested Summoners to play a role in deciding exactly how the story impact of their victories on the Fields of Justice will play out.

As for associated decisions, such as the selection of new projects or launching espionage missions, we post a poll every Sunday evening and tabulate results by that Friday.

League Petitions

Overseen by: Naggarok

Every other Sunday, after the Featured Matches, the World Systems poll is expanded to include an option for petitioning the League. This allows factions to ask the League to, for example, allow them to bring a new Champion onto their roster.


Overseen by: Naggarok

Every other Sunday, the World Systems poll is expanded to include espionage options. (This alternates with the League Petitions options.) Factions can spy on each other, conduct sabotage, and perform other covert operations.

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