The Summoner’s Herald, Vol. I, Issue 1

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Summoners Herald I-1 Front Page

Cover illustration by Summoner 333lom.

From The Editors

As Valoran emerges from the horrors of the Shon-Xan conflict and the Void invasion, and enters a bright new era of progress and prosperity, it seems proper to take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we might be going. These questions, we would suggest, make up the most essential matter of that journalistic affair popularly called the news. We are pleased to join in that public enterprise and, with the generous support of the Council of the Institute of War and the cooperation of many learned Summoners, announce the first issue of the Summoner’s Herald.
We invite you, good reader, to take a moment as you hold this page in your hands, and reflect upon this most vivid and peculiar point in history at which we find ourselves.
22 June, 24 CLE.

Notice From The Institute Of War

By order of the Council, we publish the following notice:

Hear ye and be warned that the League of Legends, guardian of Valoran’s peace and final arbiter among nations, has taken up the matter of the Shuriman Dispute, occasioned by the discovery of the dark sand within the borders of the Shurima Desert. The Council so declares: the parties to this dispute shall be the Kingdom of Demacia, the Municipal Republic of Piltover, the Teknopolis of Zaun, and Bandle City. And the Council further declares: no nation shall by force of arms disturb the borders set by the Shuriman Edict of 31 March, CLE 24, nor shall these borders be expanded but with the Council’s consent.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

And hear now, Summoners of the League, that you are at liberty to enter this dispute or remain apart from it, as you will. No prior oath of allegiance, nor your place of birth, nor your residence, nor any geas or bondspell shall restrict this right. This dispute shall be resolved no later than 31 July, CLE 24, and upon the Council’s final pronouncement all Summoners shall be freed of their oaths.

All Summoners who would take part in this matter shall make their oath before the Council.

Lead Stories

Notable Events

Significant events, summarized for your reading convenience. In this inaugural issue, we also publish highlights from years past, beginning in 20 CLE with the historic Noxus versus Ionia tournament which resolved ownership of the southern provinces.

Events described in this edition include the launch of the Yordle Mothership, the rioting in Noxus, and the bold defense of Piltover against an incursion from the Void.

Summoners’ Briefing

A range of authors critically examine today’s most significant trends from their personal perspectives:

We publish these articles that we might present our readers with a diverse collection of opinions and stimulating lines of argument, and to satisfy the terms of the charter which the Institute of War has seen fit to honor us by granting. In so doing, we make no representation of agreement with the factual or philosophical premises contained therein.

Valoranian News In Review

The Summoner’s Herald presents a selection of top stories from the best-read news sources in Valoran:

Further Reading

In these humble pages we can hope to do no more than highlight the most salient information. Should this modest apéritif stimulate a more substantial appetite for knowledge, we would direct you thusly:

Colleague Quarrels

Letters to the Editors

Summoner Envy Dragon writes:
“Dear Summoner’s Herald, my house got turned into void goo, and then when I moved to Bandle City I had to leave again to avoid getting eaten by zombies. When can I expect to live somewhere and not die?”

When indeed. —eds.

“Also, Zaun OP. When nerf?”

It would seem there is no force in all of Valoran that can match them. —eds.


If you would like to contribute articles, interviews, reports, illustrations, or other materials to the next issue of the Summoner’s Herald, kindly write to us or visit our offices at:

Summoner’s Herald Editorial Office
XVII Sablerock Field
Scholars’ District
The Institute of War

We regret that we cannot guarantee the return of submission drafts without the enclosure of a stamped return envelope.


Editors: Summoners DarkbreakerEx and TheTactician
Errors are the ultimate responsibility of Summoner Cupcake Trap, who performs final revisions and to whom all complaints, objections, and service of legal process should be addressed.

Illustrations contributed by Summoner 333lom, Summoner DarkbreakerEx, and members of the Riotous Fists Clan.

Editing, reporting, and writing by Summoner Companion Prism, Summoner Cupcake Trap, Summoner Darkbreaker Ex, Summoner TheTactician, Summoner Montesque LXIV, and other writers whose names appear in association with their respective writings. As the League includes Summoners with a variety of names in a variety of languages and orthographies, not all of which may be accurately reproduced in typeset form, we must beg the reader’s indulgence for certain errors and peculiarities. We do not know how to pronounce 333lom, despite an effort by staff writer Edmonton Q. Pricefield which involved a significant dose of Pharmakon II and the subsequent attentions of several healers.

We welcome your comments.


The Summoner’s Herald is pleased to sponsor a discussion concerning the events described within this first issue. It shall be held in the Forum Redditoriae, at the Institute of War.

Similar meetings shall be held at the manor of the Riotous Fists Clan, both at the Beta Townhouse and in the general forum.

11 comments on “The Summoner’s Herald, Vol. I, Issue 1
  1. George says:

    If this isnt riot or made by riot permission its illegal

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Riot has long been friendly toward its community, and it seems that Factions is no exception. Several Rioters have participated in Factions, and expressed their appreciation for it. As it says on the front page, this is a community-run initiative and is not part of Riot Games.

    • RaptorAttacks says:

      I cannot comprehend what you’ve just said in any reasonable way.

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  3. Jer says:

    Hey CCT, I could help with the voice acting. The only problem is I leave sunday for a month. I could help out before or after if you want me to help!

  4. 501st Big Mike says:

    Finally, the Summoner’s Herald is here! We need to make this into a national holiday or something.

  5. Jer says:

    Hey CCT, Im seeing wonderful artwork and great work done. What would you think of having a video at the beginning (or end or anywhere) of each arc, explaining each faction, their struggles, their goals. I think it would bring in a few more people, as well as giving them informed decision on what faction they want to join. The videos would most likely be the artwork accompanied by the stories behind them via voice (and perhaps subtitles.) Let me know what you think of this idea!

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      It’s an idea that’s definitely been on my mind for a while. Paddo made the same suggestion yesterday, and RaptorAttacks had a similar idea a few weeks ago. If I ever get some free Factions time, I might try it. In the meanwhile, of course, anyone who’d like to work on such an intro should give it a shot or let me know.

      Now that we have 333lom’s excellent artwork, the main thing we’d need would be some voice actors. I can do some voices, but I’m not a pro, and it’ll sound stupid if it’s just me speaking in different voices. (I’m no StephanosRex.)

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