Nyroth Update 10: Aeaea

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by CupcakeTrap

From the second round of island explorations. Yes, it’s called Aeaea. They make vowels there.


Aeaea was known as an exceptionally wealthy and prosperous island-city. Their chief export, other than vowels, seems to have been automata.


6 November, 24 CLE—While the main expedition team is being assembled, Bilgewater sends a light clipper to the island to take a look around and report back. The vessel returns two days later, but whereas it set sail with a complement of two dozen sailors and researchers, it comes back into the port of Stormhaven almost empty. There is a moment of panic, as the gathered crowds fear the worst has befallen their friends and comrades. But when the expedition’s leader, Professor Uuni of the Marai, hands over the written report, her expression is one of great…annoyance. It seems that the rest of the expedition, including the ship’s captain, insisted on remaining on Aeaea for “further investigation”. When asked if everyone’s alright, she rather derisively responds that, “Alright? Oh, they’re having the time of their lives.”

The report describes a tropical paradise of generous, friendly people living in harmony and plenty, with gleaming golden automata seeing to their every need. They have heard of Bilgewater’s generous acts on Avalon and Emain Ablach, and welcome them as heroes and friends—apparently, Bilgewater’s scouts had barely made it off their ship before people started shoving drinks into their hands and throwing floral wreathes over their shoulders. (At this point, the report grudgingly acknowledges that the people of Avalon are uncommonly graceful and fair.) Both the automata and the Nyrothian natives speak a translateable modern dialect, and they are fascinated by stories of Valoran and Bilgewater. A Nyrothian woman named Desmeya, who appears to be a sorceress of considerable renown on the island, has graciously provided accommodations for the members of the expedition.

The report stops there. Professor Uuni explains, grudgingly, that the report’s authors slapped their half-finished writeup into her hands before hurrying off to a lavish party being hosted by Desmeya that evening. (Perhaps it was some sort of Harrowing festival, though by the sound of it the Aeaeans party like this year-round.) The professor fills in a few more details herself: Desmeya and the others on Aeaea appear to be well-apprised of Bilgewater’s adventures, and are particularly curious about the Padonian automata that Bilgewater recruited on Avalon. (The Aeaeans added that they would be happy to repair or upgrade them, if that is the automata’s wish.) She inquired about the impact the cataclysm had on Aeaea, and was told that it temporarily disrupted their ability to manufacture and maintain automata, but that it was eventually repaired.

From Uuni’s perspective, the good news is that Aeaea is a learned culture with a friendly disposition; she expects that they could learn quite a bit about Nyroth from further discussions. The bad news, she explains, is that Bilgewater had gone to Aeaea to find automata, and there do not seem to be very many present, nor do they seem at all interested in leaving the island. It is true that the few automata they did encounter were quite remarkable: like the Padonian automata, they are clearly sentient, with developed individual personalities and points of view. (She adds, after making sure that no Padonian automata are nearby, that these automata if anything seem rather more intelligent.) They are, nonetheless, completely dedicated to serving the natives, and appear very happy to do so, whereas the Padonian automata were openly resentful of the Avalonians.

It seems that the Aeaeans do have one request. They have noticed some ethereal fluctuations recently, and (their cheery dispositions cooling just slightly) wonder whether, just maybe, the Valoranians’ recalibrations of the other islands’ nexuses might have caused them. They say that if so they’re sure it was just an innocent mistake, but they would like to exchange notes on what exactly Bilgewater did on Avalon and Emain Ablach, and ask for some help smoothing out the local distortion that has resulted.

Professor Uuni’s recommendation is to visit the island as planned. She admits that, though she can’t quite explain why, something doesn’t seem to quite add up about Aeaea…but, she adds, on reflection it should not be surprising that at least some of these island civilizations have recovered and even advanced in the many centuries following the cataclysm. Who says they have to all be full of zombies or plant-monsters?

When asked, the Padonian automata confirm that Aeaean automata are known to be quite…sophisticated. Most them seem a little disdainful of the “dainty” Aeaean automata, who are apparently designed more for service, research, and other light-touch duties than for heavy industry or combat. (The Padonian automata, in contrast, are much sturdier in design, with sterner personalities.) They are nonetheless curious to meet them; they have spent centuries thanklessly battling their berserk “kin” on Avalon, and would like to at last have other non-crazy automata to talk to.

As for the Nyrothians in the floating city above Yoroth, they express some degree of envy: apparently, Aeaea has closed its borders to other Nyrothians, only very occasionally granting passage. Those who are allowed in—mostly scholars and mages—tend to take up permanent residence. In fact, the Nyrothians add, they can’t think of anyone who has ever come back. Seeing the alarm on the Valoranians’ faces, they hastily add, “…that may have sounded more sinister than intended. Who’d want to leave Aeaea?”

Decisions for Bilgewater’s Summoners

Bilgewater has the following assets:

  • Research: 30 (below average)
    • They also gain a +10 bonus from the Marai delegation.
  • Espionage: 55 (above average)
  • Navy: 80 (exceptional)
  • Military: 43 (very strong)
  • It also has 78 Commerce to spend.

Who shall lead the expedition?

  • Bilgewater may select up to three Champions to join the expedition to Aeaea.
    • All Champions give a Military strength buff.
    • Nami gives a Research buff.
    • Twisted Fate and Katarina give an Espionage buff.
    • Naggarok and I have recently added a bunch of detailed rules for how Champions work in combat. That still needs to get posted up. Suffice it to say: the overall power of each Champion is about the same, except that Champions who give Research or Espionage buffs bring somewhat less Military power to compensate.
  • Be warned: they may demand a week of vacation time if it really is as nice as the scouts say. (Champions always have a 10% chance of going MIA due to injury, because they discover a quest of their own, and so on. Here, add delicious beverages to that list of possible distractions.)
  • If no Champions are sent, it will be up to Professor Uuni.

Should Bilgewater send its army?

  • Sending an army to Aeaea seems rather unnecessary, and could be taken as a sign of aggression. On the other hand, perhaps things are not entirely as they seem.
  • Options: Yes or No

Should Bilgewater send the Padonian automata?

  • Regardless of whether or not it deploys its armies, the Aeaeans seemed very keen to meet these automata. The automata themselves seem to like the idea, but they will follow your decision either way, having placed themselves entirely at your service.
  • One additional risk: if things go south, it’s not inconceivable that the Aeaeans could “reprogram” or otherwise take control of the Padonian automata.
  • Options: Yes or No

Should Bilgewater help them to dampen the distortions that are affecting the nexus?

  • Difficulty: Major
  • This would require revealing some sensitive information about what Bilgewater did with the other subnexuses. Also, there’s always a risk that something might go wrong. On the other hand, if the Aeaeans are right, Bilgewater is partially responsible.
  • Options: Yes or No

If Bilgewater negotiates with Aeaea, what sorts of deals would interest them?

  • If all goes smoothly, Bilgewater will likely be able to do some negotiating. Their heroic deeds on Avalon and Emain Ablach haven’t gone unnoticed, and the Aeaeans seem eager to help.
  • Options: A range of non-exclusive deals are available. These do not count toward the usual weekly maximum for Commerce expenditures. The prices are a bit steep, but the offers are tempting.
    • Upgrade Padonian automata: give the Padonian automata +5 Strength for 10 Commerce. (The Padonian automata say they’re okay with this.)
    • Buy presents: purchase gifts for League officials and other factions’ leaders, gaining 10 Favor at a cost of 20 Commerce.
    • Hire advisors: Bilgewater could hire an Aeaean to join them in their quests on other islands, granting a +5 to island-related Research checks, for 30 Commerce.
    • Buy worker automata: buy +10 Industry for 30 Commerce.
    • Buy combat automata: buy a Strength 11 unit (which requires no upkeep) for 50 Commerce.

Should Bilgewater sneak around behind the Aeaeans’ backs?

  • Difficulty: Minor
  • The Aeaeans seem fairly open, but surely there will be some locked doors and off-limits areas. Bilgewater could pick some locks and snoop around. This might reveal some valuable intel, but it would likely turn Aeaea hostile if they’re caught.
  • Options: Yes or No

Should Bilgewater try to seize control of the island through the subnexus?

  • Difficulty: Minor Research plus Minor Espionage.
  • Based on what the Padonian automata say, the subnexus could be used to control the island’s automata. If Bilgewater were to “hack” the subnexus, it could seize control over the automata…and the natives would surely be unable to mount any real resistance.
  • Needless to say, this would be a jerk move, and Bilgewater would lose significant Favor. On the other hand, it would give them an island of advanced technology and considerable wealth.
  • Options: Yes or No

Should Bilgewater try to seize control of the island through brute force?

  • Difficulty: Trivial
  • Bilgewater could also just deploy their armies and subjuguate Aeaea. The inhabitants might have some tricks up their sleeves, but there only seem to be a few dozen automata, and the population isn’t big enough to field more than a token militia; in numerical terms, it’d be shocking if they could deploy more than Strength 15.
  • Again: dick move.
  • Options: Yes or No

Should Bilgewater allow other factions to visit Aeaea?

  • The Aeaeans seem to like the idea of meeting other Valoranians. (Maybe even the SI types…they might be somewhat naive.) Bilgewater could grant them permission to visit. If so, other factions would be free to use a mainland expedition opportunity to visit Aeaea.
  • Options: Separate choices for each faction. (SI, Ionia, Freljord)

Vote here

(Votes were taken. Results are summarized here.)

Bilgewater made the following decisions:

  • Katarina and Twisted Fate will join the expedition to the island.
    • Kat and Twisted Fate will assist with the “spying” check.
  • They will not deploy their army, nor will they try to seize control of Aeaea by force or subterfuge.
  • They will send the Padonian automata from Avalon.
  • They will try to fix the nexus.
  • They will seek the following trades with Aeaea:
    • Automata upgrade: They will upgrade the pre-cataclysm Padonian automata.
    • Guides: They have hired Thaskos-44, one of the Aeaean automata, as their guide. He will add a +5 bonus to island-related Research checks, and will give automata units +1 to their casualty checks.
  • They will sneak around and spy on the Aeaeans, because seriously, nobody is this nice.



Why can’t more island adventures be like this?

Here is a quick summary:

  • Bilgewater fixed the nexus. (+100 Research points.)
  • Bilgewater spent 40 Commerce on upgrades for the Padonian automata and a guide, Thaskos-44. (+5 Military Strength, +5 to Research checks, +1 to casualty checks for automata units.)
  • Bilgewater left Aeaea on amicable terms. They are welcome back anytime they like. They still aren’t sure they have the full story on this place.

(The details of the rolls, which were performed by Naggarok, are available here.)


Bilgewater dispatched Katarina and Twisted Fate to Aeaea, with authorization to barter for some of Aeaea’s assets. Nami privately instructed them to see if they could work out what exactly was going on with this island; it did seem too good to be true, and she didn’t want to be blindsided. No military forces were sent, so as not to offend the Aeaeans; instead, most of the expedition was made up of Summoners and other scholars, as well as some of Bilgewater’s merchants. Nami expressed hope that as powerful an enchantress as Desmeya could perhaps accelerate their progress on the creation of a new moonstone.

They were, of course, just in time for a party the following evening, and Desmeya smilingly insisted that they come. She touched Katarina’s shoulder as she made the invitation, and Twisted Fate was somewhat surprised that the enchantress didn’t lose a hand in the process, though Desmeya was quite alarmed by the deathly cold stare she received in response. (A trained agent of espionage, Katarina could flawlessly perform covers as varied as a meek Piltovian scientist and a giggling Demacian debutante. Nami simply wasn’t paying her anywhere near enough to let Twisted Fate leave this island with stories of her doing so.) The rogue gambler interposed himself into the awkward silence that followed, explaining that where Katarina’s from they aren’t much for parties, but that a Bilgewater boy like himself made it a point of honor never to turn down a lovely lady’s invitation. As he departed with Desmeya to begin discussing terms of trade, Katarina set out to identify the most important sites in the city and ascertain their greatest vulnerabilities, with the intent of slipping in undetected that evening to see what she could find behind locked doors. Her business was somewhat postponed when she noticed a curious sight within a dozen yards of where the conversation with Desmeya had taken place: a man who seemed to be the only scowling, brooding person on the whole island, sitting at a beach-side bar counter not drinking anything. Intrigued, she sat down beside him, noticed that Desmeya had a drink named after her on the menu, and firmly ordered something else.

She spoke as though to no one in particular. “Noxians have excellent parties. We have true accomplishments to celebrate at them. Bilgewater’s idea of a party is a bunch of unwashed sailors disinfecting their guts with moonshine in a creaky bar.” That seemed to catch the man’s attention, and they spoke at some length. She had expected him to be a visiting Nyrothian from the floating city, a disaffected expatriate; he told her somewhat dejectedly that he had been born on Aeaea. Katarina found his comments about the island interesting and the drinks reasonably priced—the bartender refused to charge a “Hero of Avalon” for anything, and Katarina had no objection to being rewarded for Bilgewater’s hard-won victory—and she spent much of the evening there.

Indeed, most of the expedition members pursued their assigned missions with a healthy share of dining, dancing, and drinking mixed in, but this if anything seemed to their benefit: the natives were very excited to meet them, and seemed extraordinarily educated. One could hardly spend five minutes with one of them without being offered a fascinating and valuable tidbit of Nyrothian history. More than one Summoner became sufficiently inebriated to blurt out, “We thought you were gonna turn us into pigs or something!”, which led first to surprised silence, and then to boisterous laughter and a great many enthusiastic pig impressions.

Katarina targeted one of the island’s laboratories that evening. She discovered Aeaeans working late into the night, but found the building’s arcane defenses astonishingly primitive, and quite susceptible to evasion by the sophisticated shadow magic she had learned in Noxus. Her most astonishing find was an enormous hex-screen displaying the small, efficient letters of the Aeaean dialect. Unfortunately, Summoners as a whole are very poor infiltrators, and she was unable to bring any along. This left her with only her more limited command of arcane translation spells, and the Aeaean lettering proved quite resistant. (Pressing the enchantments risked causing some damage to the screen, which would surely raise suspicions.) The enchanted reader she’d brought did seem to highlight a few small sections, which she quickly realized were transcriptions of what she and the other Bilgewaterians had said. She found every word of her conversation with the man in the bar printed without error, and her thoughts returned to the sleek silver automata who had attended her there, continually offering her new morsels to sample or refills on her glasses of fruit-infused wine. The High Command possessed devices which could transcribe conversations through enchantment; perhaps the Aeaean automata were fitted with something comparable. She sensed arcane signatures approaching, and was forced to depart before making further investigation.

The next morning—late the next morning—Twisted Fate came over to Katarina looking even more pleased with himself than usual, and presented her with a draft contract. The Aeaeans, he said, were prepared to lend them the services of one of their sage-automata—”a lanky metal fellow, goes by Thaskos”—as a guide to the islands of Nyroth, and would provide the Padonian automata with all the repairs and upgrades they wished. He said that unless their Summoners blew the nexus open trying to fix it, he didn’t see how the deal could fall through.

They did not blow the nexus open. Indeed, the Summoners did a flawless job of realigning it to compensate for the changes the Valoranians had made on the other islands. One tidbit of information did catch Katarina’s attention: a Summoner informed her that, while repairing the nexus, he noticed that it lay at the center of a vast network of enchantments that covered the island. Though she did not speak the thought aloud, Katarina immediately recalled the hexscreen she had observed the night before. The Summoner told her that small bursts of spell energy seemed to be continually radiating out from and circling back to the nexus.

In the end, the Bilgewater delegation made its polite farewells, exchanged a few more trinkets, and set sail for Stormhaven once more.

Next Update: Argyre

20 comments on “Nyroth Update 10: Aeaea
  1. […] Update 10: Aeaea […]

  2. […] Update 10: Aeaea […]

  3. […] Update 10: Aeaea […]

  4. […] Update 10: Aeaea […]

  5. CupcakeTrap says:

    I want to point out that so far Bilgewater is voting to send a backstabbing gambler as its only representative on this diplomatic mission.

    • Terra Booma says:

      Listen TF has succeeded in pretty much everything stealthy we send him on. Here’s out RNGsus super spy.

      That and he’ll smell a betrayal a mile away, having been so experienced in them.

    • Quiloren says:

      I voted Nami and TF, but I think people just really like to risk TF. (This might be because he’s generally awful vs the other factions compared to the other adc and mid options we have ….)

  6. CupcakeTrap says:

    From the comments: “I like most others caught the whole idea here. But if this is a ruse to misdirect us, kudos. But you named and designed these islands before you knew we’d be coming here.” (JPDaniel)

    …a RUSE?

    More seriously, this is a good time to mention a key principle I follow when making lore events: there are no “trick” or “trap” options. (There are psycho options, but those are different.) Rather, each choice reflects a balance of priorities. Sure, there are some surprises, but it’s not like any of the non-psycho options are rigged to explode on contact. (“She asks if you want the grape juice or the orange juice” (TURNS OUT THE GRAPE JUICE IS DEADLY POISON) would be a terrible, terrible decision prompt.)

    • Wizard996 says:

      Problem is, Bilge kinda wants to play nice with these new people, but this whole bit of them being overly friendly and having the whole ‘never wanting to leave’ aspect throws this in a while different direction. Unlike the rest of the islands explored where military conquest was key, this is more of a trust issue. If they are as innocent as they appear, we would be guilty as hell about killing them all, but if it’s actually a true ruse, we can lose some of our automatons, possibly some other units, our Nexi research granted to them, and the battle would have been better in the first place.
      That being said, is it possible for us to do something like, pay off the Isles to come along to see if only humans are affected (if there is a spell or something) BEFORE taking the island over? I would want to bring a military on board, but I only want to do hostile takeover if they are truly sinister.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        I think part of what you’re getting at is a structural issue with lore events: for logistical reasons, we really only get one chance per event to poll the Summoners. They’re basically tabletop adventures, but we lack the ability to have back-and-forth to get new instructions for when things change, e.g. if they discover that Aeaea is a giant portal to the Void.

        One way I’ve tried to address that is by making repeat visits more of a thing.

        Come to think of it, though, a better solution might be to lean more heavily on factions’ choices of leaders. The most obvious choice: the Champion in charge of the expedition (there should be a vote for that) will decide what to do when things change, according to that Champion’s personality. (For example, Karma would be more likely than Irelia to seize at an opportunity for peace that suddenly arises.)

        This is an important discussion concerning lore events generally: we want Summoners to be making key decisions, but I think it would be a bad idea to get super-strict about that. In-universe, as well, Summoners don’t control everything: they’re trusted advisors, but they don’t rule the factions. (Of course, lore event votes are often meant to represent decisions made by the faction generally, not specifically the Summoners.) I think we need to bring that out some more.

        tl;dr: I think we should start having a more clear “Champion leadership” vote. If important choices arise, the Champion in charge will make a call based on their orders and their personal inclinations. In other words, the faction will “elect” a Champion to carry out the mission. More representative democracy than direct democracy.

      • Quiloren says:

        I like that idea Cupcake trap, that way you get to write more complex lore while also allowing people to pick generally how they want to react to on the fly situations. I don’t think that there should necessarily be an overall leader though. I think that for each encounter, we should be able to put a champion in charge who will make decisions on the fly. So if we, for example, wanted to try to profit, we would put MF out, if we wanted to be peaceful, we could put out Nami, if we wanted to approach the situation with duplicitous intent, we could put out TF or Katarina.

        I think that only primary and secondary champions should be allowed to lead missions unless they were personally invested though; it wouldn’t make much sense to put Jax in charge as he would be pretty ambivalent, however if Renekton thinks there’s something of significance on Kibu or the faction’s fighting against Nasus, he might want to lead the mission (though it might mean total war by allowing him to do so).

        The one problem with this is that it would force the factions to potentially sacrifice a champion every mission, I think that it’s not that bad an idea though to do that, as you can never have more than one out at a time (unless another faction knocks one of yours out) and there wasn’t really any criticism of when Ionia was forced to put a champion in the library. Anyway, I don’t think any of the factions have chosen not to put any champions on a mission yet. They’ve always chosen to put one out for the bonuses.

  7. […] The update is located here. This page provides the basic setup and presents the decisions facing Bilgewater’s Summoners. The poll will close on Friday (maybe even late Thursday) so that we can roll out the results. […]

    • Wizard996 says:

      This reminds me: what will Bandle City do now? I was idly going back to the end of Hextech, and realised a lot of BC’s decision involved the Moonstone: “They’ve also begun to work more closely with the Marai, seeking a means to replace the fading Moonstone, and are deploying pyrikhos-fueled submarines to search for the lost Atlanteans.” Bilge is kinda taking over that, so maybe BC should be looked into on something or other, idk. Just feel they lost a lot of what they’re going for post-apocalypse (no, not Nefara). Even though I’m Zaun, this should be fixed.

      • StormRevolver says:

        ^ this :)
        and why does it feel like bilgewater’s option are always a lot more tought out than SI-s or the other factions

        • CupcakeTrap says:

          I will take that as a compliment on this one. ^^ It’s mostly because we’ve figured out the framework for constructing these events better. I took that feedback about Daeyux to heart, and I’m going to really try to make Argyre as interesting as Aeaea. Sorry that these are getting posted up late; we’re bringing more people in and handing things off as best we can, but our lore staff has been undermanned for way too long. Montesque and I just can’t deal with it all alone, hence a few updates that were like “they go to undead island and there are undead and a NEEEEXUUUUUUS so yeah how about that”. As for Daeyux, I’m going to try to find a way to make it more interesting and nuanced when SI returns.

          With regard to Bilgewater, I honestly don’t think that has much to do with it. I think Emain Ablach and Daeyux were both kind of rushed.

          Also, props to Montesque for the original Aeaea/Circe island idea. For a long time, I couldn’t think of how to turn it into a lore event, then last night it sort of hit me and I was like OMG THIS IS AWESOME THERE WILL BE TROPICAL DRINKS and started writing.

      • ChroniclerC says:

        Yeah, this was really cool Cupcake. I read over it and my first thought was immediately “Lotus eaters it’s a trap nopenopenopenopenope.”

        • CupcakeTrap says:

          Thank you! There’s still more. :3 I expect Bilgewater will revisit Aeaea after the tournament’s final round of island-claiming.

          As with all the islands, Montesque64 came up with the basic concept. (Here, “there should be a Circe island.”)

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