What’s New

This is a quick summary of the main events going on right now. You can also view all news posts.

Discussion Threads

Link: General Feedback and Discussion
Link: [Draft] New Tournament/Featured Match Rules

We’re setting up some discussion threads to begin the process of revising the Factions rules for next arc. Please participate!

Zaun Wins Hextech Revolution

Link: Hear Ye And Be Warned!

After a hardfought three months, Zaun has prevailed in the fifth Factions arc.

Balance Testing

Link: Balance Testing

We’re gathering data to help us improve our rank-balancing. Basically, this involves playing some non-Factions custom matches and sending in a LoL Nexus screenshot so we can build a dataset of outcomes.

The Summoner’s Herald

Link: Summoner’s Herald Vol. I, Issue 1

Here the first edition of the Summoner’s Herald, an in-universe newspaper in the style of the Journal of Justice. Let us know what you think.

Want to submit something for the next edition? Click here.

Recruitment Rewards Program

Link: Recruit Friends

CupcakeTrap is but an impecunious confection, and cannot give everyone Teemo skins for recruiting Summoners. However, I have put together a simple recruitment rewards program in appreciation for Summoners who introduce friends to Factions. So go message some friends and invite them to join in!

New Email List

Link: League Factions Google Group

We’re switching to a Google email list, which will allow us to accommodate the growing list of Factions members. It will also add some nice organizational features. Click here to sign up.

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