Bilgewater: Avalon Exploration Event Posted

We’ve worked out our basic island exploration rules and developed a framework for island exploration.

As a prize for its early victories in the first phase of the Nyroth arc, Bilgewater gets to be the guinea pig. (Imagine a little guinea pig with a Miss Fortune hat, or a Gangplank beard.) It has selected the island of Avalon.

Link: Avalon

Summoners of Bilgewater: it’s in your hands now. Choose wisely, Summoners. Every time I say “Summoners” someone on Riot’s “Narrative” team sneezes. Summoners Summoners Summoners Summoners Summoners Summoners TAKE THAT YOU JOYLESS BASTARDS Summoners Summoners, Summoners.

Also, I’ve moved some recent mini-updates into the proper numbering system.

An airship expedition travels to the island of Nyroth and reports back.

Interactive Lore Event I
A brief interactive lore event following the prologue.

Interactive Lore Event II
In this event, each faction selects a starting Research project and makes some other decisions.

Update 1: The Harrowing Approaches
A brief introduction to the Harrowing season.

Update 2: Time To Troll
The Freljord recruits Trundle by petition and wins Udyr’s allegiance on the Fields.

Update 3: Not Your Hero
Nami hires the mysterious mercenary known as Jax to fight for Bilgewater.

—Summoner CupcakeTrap

Caitlyn, you monster.

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