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(August of 21 CLE) High Councilor Kolminye oversees construction of the Crystal Scar.

(August of 21 CLE) High Councilor Kolminye oversees construction of the Crystal Scar.


Production, formerly titled Industry, correlates roughly with a faction’s population. It represents the size of its industrial and agricultural workforce. Functionally, its main role is to gradually buff other stats over the course of an arc by completing projects. It also works as a sort of “health” stat, indicating a faction’s ability to withstand and recover from damage.


The primary “active” use of Production is to develop capacity (buffing other stats) over the course of an arc. Most of these gains are arc-specific. They ramp up gradually, and it is difficult to “switch tracks” with Production until certain waypoints are met. (In contrast, Commerce is less efficient overall, but much more flexible.)

  • Limit. A faction can gain temporary stat bonuses through Development of up to a third of its Production stat. For example, a faction with Production 20 could have a total of 6 bonus stat points during an arc, giving a total of +2 permanent stat points.
  • Exception. Production cannot be used to buff Production.
  • Stat Selection. The first step is to select a stat to buff. This is handled by vote.
  • Rolling Development. Each week, the faction rolls Production versus a Difficulty equal to the target stat’s baseline value (its value without any arc-specific mods) plus 5. (For example, if Pinguland has Insight 12, the baseline Difficulty to buff Insight with Production would be 17.) If successful, it gains an arc-specific +1 buff to the target stat. (If unsuccessful, it gains a stacking +2 for the next week’s roll, until successful.)
  • Completion. Once the buff reaches +3, it becomes “stable”, and cannot be changed. At the end of the arc, it will gain +1 permanently to that stat.
    • If a faction runs up against its “half of Production” limit with a project not yet complete (e.g. stuck at +3), or otherwise fails to complete a task, it has some chance of a permanent gain. For each +1, it has a 20% chance of gaining a permanent +1. For example, if Pinguland hits its limit and is stuck at +2 Insight as a result, it nonetheless will have a 40% chance of gaining a permanent +1 at the end of the arc.
  • Changing Focus. Factions cannot switch to a new stat until the current project is complete.

Factions can also use Production to fortify key sites.

  • The maximum Fortification bonus is 5 points of Advantage.
  • The Difficulty level of the check is 10 plus 5 times the number of advantage points already on the site. For example, the first point of Advantage has a Difficulty of 10, the second a Difficulty of 15, and so on.
  • No Development (see above) may occur when fortifying a site.
  • It takes one “lost” week to switch to fortifying a new site.

Stat Recovery

Certain events, such as an invasion or a bombing, can cause “stat damage” to a faction, temporarily decreasing its stats. Production is used to recover from such disasters.

For each damaged stat, roll Production versus a Difficulty equal to its current value. Repair one point of damage for every two points by which the faction beats the check.

Until all recovery is complete, Development is on hold.

Military and Production

The Military system makes use of the Production stat for some of its rolls, and for (e.g.) recovering from casualties suffered in battle.

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