Informal Sixth Arc Faction Poll

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This is not the official vote for which factions will be featured next arc. It’s just a preliminary, informal poll to see where people are leaning at the moment.

If you need a refresher on (or an introduction to) what’s happened so far:

And if you’d like a preview of which Champions might be on which factions’ rosters, try:

Vote below.

Results are public:

Enjoy! Again, this is not the real faction-selection poll.

Also, if you haven’t already, please join in on the sixth arc general discussion thread.

Comments (at 35 responses in)

  • People really like the Bilgewater idea.
  • The desired number of factions seems to be hovering between 3 and 4. (Some people voted for 6 factions. We tried this in Ceruleana, and it was a disaster. We’d need a LOT more signups, and some better match organization practices, to pull that off, IMO.)
  • What about a light, 2-month, 3-faction arc based around exploration and trade? With perhaps a sideplot about an undead Shuriman civilization?


Caitlyn, you monster.

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5 comments on “Informal Sixth Arc Faction Poll
  1. […] Revolution was supposed to be that break, but, uh, it got a bit crazy by the end there.) We held an informal poll, and found that the community seems to generally agree on […]

  2. […] week’s theme: the popular kids. We’ve taken the most popular factions from the recent informal survey and lined them up against each other. (I’ve split Discord up into the Void and the Shadow […]

  3. Paenitentia says:

    “What about a light, 2-month, 3-faction arc based around exploration and trade? With perhaps a sideplot about an undead Shuriman civilization?”

    Sounds terrific, to get away from the heavy stuff for a little while and let some less common factions shine,.

    • BlackRose02 says:

      I like it. Things have gotten rather dark and depressing, so some light-hearted action would be nice.

    • Paenitentia says:

      If that ends up being what this chapter is about though i think that’s pretty incompatible with my original vote for Discord.

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