Interactive Lore Events

The primary way that Factions Summoners influence the storyline is through matches, which anyone can start anytime. However, we also do have some interactive lore events in which Summoners are directly involved in a part of the story.

Current Event

This page is now woefully out of date. Yell at CupcakeTrap to fix it.

Previous Events

This is a listing of prior interactive lore events.

Hextech Revolution

Hextech Revolution Lore Event V: The Beginning of the End

The battle for control of the dark sand reaches an apex. Piltover and Bandle City consider an alliance, while Demacia must decide whether to respect League law and risk catastrophe or invade Zaun’s Shuriman mines and put a stop to their reckless actions.

Hextech Revolution Lore Event IV

Bandle City and Zaun negotiate a treaty and make other decisions.

Hextech Revolution Lore Event III

Piltover selects a new Champion.

Hextech Revolution Lore Event II

The lich queen attacks Bandle City!

Hextech Revolution Lore Event I

An opening lore event that launches the research system and allows each faction to make some initial decisions, including the addition of a new Champion to their roster.


Shon-Xan Update 9: Peace

Ionia has prevailed in the League of Legends. One final day of fighting remains before the Council’s edict takes effect at sunset. Both Ionia and Noxus face critical decisions which will shape the future of Runeterra.


Mirrorwater Update 5: The True Noxus

Singed makes an offer to join the fight. Noxus must decide its future path: victory at any cost, or strength with honor?

Mirrorwater Update 4: Udyr

The Freljord enters the Mirrorwater dispute, placing Udyr in a difficult position.

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