Notable Events (Vol. I, Issue 2)

Notable Events

by the Herald staff

Significant events, summarized for your reading convenience.

Velocitronic Rail Connects Piltover, Demacia

Levitating hextech train designed by Jayce; overnight travel between Piltover and DemaciaMapofValoran-rail
BRANTLEY STATION, Piltover— Wielding his Thunder Hammer, Jayce struck the final spike into a special hextech track connecting Demacia and Piltover. The so-called Velocitronic Railway, designed by Jayce, uses a pyrikhos-fueled engine to levitate a train above rune-etched tracks and propel it at a truly astonishing speed. Even loaded up with tens of thousands of tons of freight and passengers, the train can travel from Piltover to Demacia (or vice versa) overnight. Trade between the two nations is likely to dramatically increase. This would also allow for extremely rapid deployment of Demacian troops should Piltover come under attack. Work has already begun on a new length of track connecting Demacia and Bandle City.
28 June, 24 CLE.

Piltovian Airship Armada Takes To The Skies

Wind magic propels airship fleet
CLOUDBREAK SQUARE, Piltover— Janna, Jayce, and Zilean were on hand for the launch of the P.A.S. Dauntless, the flagship of Piltover’s new pyrikhos-fueled airship armada. The airships that make up the fleet employ hextech devised in the annual Piltover–Zaun zeppelin race, but on a much larger scale: whereas the famous “Tailwind” zeppelin is a stripped-down racing craft less than thirty meters long, the Dauntless is designed for both mercantile and military applications and measures more than six hundred meters from bow to stern. By using pyrikhos fuel to amplify elemental wind magic, it can fly across Valoran almost within a single day. Although Piltover emphasizes the commercial and exploratory potential of these aircraft, it is commonly understood that they are in part intended as a response to Zaun’s rapid militarization. Each airship is equipped with ultravelocity aircannons that fire explosive pyrikhos shells allegedly capable of destroying even a heavily armored Zaunite war machine.
30 June, 24 CLE.


Noxian Uprising Crushed

Swain crushes rebels; Zaun deploys HexKorps division
OBSIDIAN WARD, Noxus— The gates of Noxus were re-opened today as the High Command declared victory over the Reformist rebels after almost a month of street warfare. Thousands of rebels, including several Summoners, were killed in the fighting or publicly executed in the aftermath. At Swain’s request, Zaun deployed an armored division of the HexKorps to secure the city and stamp out any remaining resistance. Witnesses report that the rebels appeared on the brink of victory, storming the Obsidian Ward itself to depose the High Command, when HexKorps troopers opened fire on the crowd with techmaturgic death rays.
4 July, 24 CLE.

Zaun Repels Demacian Assault on Mines

Illegal attack on Zaun’s pyrikhos mines in Shurima; Demacian army routed; apocalypse averted
ZAUNITE SECTOR, Shurima— King Jarvan III led Demacia’s army in an illegal assault on Zaun’s pyrikhos mines in the Shurima Desert. Troops from Piltover and Bandle City fought alongside Demacia, while Noxus sent its legions into battle to reinforce Zaun’s HexKorps divisions. Demacia claims that there was a Void portal forming within the mines that threatened Runeterra with apocalypse; when Zaun refused to allow Demacia to neutralize the pyrikhos within, King Jarvan gave the order to attack. Demacia and its allies were defeated by the combined might of Zaun and Noxus. In the battle’s aftermath, Malzahar called forth an immense horde of Void demons, including Cho’gath himself, and a portal in fact began to open. Demacia rallied, now fighting alongside Zaun and Noxus in a desperate bid to seal the rift. This feat was narrowly accomplished, and the apocalypse was averted. Zaun now claims that it was Demacia’s attack that triggered the rift, making the alleged prophecy self-fulfilling. King Jarvan has surrendered himself to the Council for questioning. Jarvan III has not stepped down, nor has his son Jarvan IV assumed the title of prince regent, although insiders confirm that he is de facto overseeing the administration of the Demacian state.
5 July, 24 CLE.

Hamsters in space

Yordle astronauts explore the lunar surface after disembarking from one of the Mothership’s landing craft.

Bandle City Establishes Lunar Base

“One small step for yordlekind — actually a fairly good-sized step, relative to yordle height.”
THE MOON— With Piltover’s cooperation, Bandle City has completed construction of a lunar base capable of supporting dozens of researchers on the moon’s surface. Bandle City traveled to the moon after devising a means of distilling dark sand into fuel for their Mothership. The base is made up of translucent tubes and domes and includes living quarters, a hydroponic garden, research labs, and a low-gravity bakery which allegedly produces extremely fluffy cupcakes. While the general response has been congratulatory, Zaun has accused Bandle City of using their celestial vantage point to conduct surveillance of terrestrial activity.
6 July, 24 CLE.

Demacia Wins Tournament

Piltover and Demacia battle in final rounds
THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE— Demacia was victorious in a large tournament conducted as part of the Shuriman Dispute. Onlookers were surprised to see Zaun knocked out in the first round of the competition, given its dominating presence in the dispute so far. The final rounds were fought between Demacia and Piltover, with the former winning a decisive victory.
13 July, 24 CLE.

Bandle City Begins Search For Atlantis

Yordle submarine fleet joins Fizz in quest to discover his vanished people
GUARDIAN’S SEA— Bandle City has created a fleet of pyrikhos-powered “submarines” capable of traversing the treacherous ocean depths, and dispatched them with crews of elite Splashtime Scouts to search for the disappeared Atlanteans. The submarines, ships which can propel themselves underwater in the manner of fish, were constructed with assistance from Fizz using his knowledge of water magic and his intuitive grasp of hydrodynamics. The Atlanteans vanished without a trace years ago. Together, Fizz and the yordles hope to solve this mystery, which some fear is connected with the plight of the Marai, who petitioned the League (via Bilgewater representatives) for Nami’s entrance as a Champion. Recently, the mystical “Moonstone” which protects the underwater Marai kingdom has begun to fade, and outlying Marai settlements have been consumed by encroaching monsters. Some fear that the Atlanteans were themselves devoured, as the Moonstone’s aura has long since receded from their territory.
15 July, 24 CLE.

Ionia Reclaims Sacred Artifact From Shadow Isles

“Onyx Scepter” important to funerary rites; lost when keeper perished in Shadow Isles; won on Fields
INSTITUTE OF WAR— A contest on the Fields of Justice between Ionia and the Shadow Isles has restored possession of the Onyx Scepter to Ionia. A sacred artifact used in Ionian funerary rites, the Scepter was lost when its keeper voyaged to the Shadow Isles to commune with the spirits there and failed to return. Ionia demanded the scepter’s return, but the necromancers of the Shadow Isles countered that the scepter had changed hands within their domain; Ionia in turn alleged that the priest had not “naturalized” to the Isles of his own free will. The Council found that both sides had plausible claims, and ordered resolution of the matter on the Fields of Justice. Ionia triumphed, and the Scepter was delivered into Karma’s possession.
17 July, 24 CLE.

Noxian “Lost Legion” Settles In Piltover

Riven leads band of wounded veterans and refugees from Void WarRivenSquare
PILTOVER— The Mayor of Piltover has granted permanent residency rights to Riven and the members of the “lost legion”, a band of Noxian refugees from the Void War that includes a large number of wounded veterans. Many of these Noxians suffer from various forms of thaumatoxic syndrome from exposure to the Void and to Singed’s techmaturgic weaponry. Medical researchers in Piltover have discovered means of treating these illnesses, and reportedly have already met with success. Riven has expressed her personal gratitude, emphasizing that she is not speaking in her capacity as a member of the Noxian military. It is believed that these refugees, who are slowly integrating into Piltovian society, would be subject to Piltover’s militia laws in the event of armed conflict or national emergency.
19 July, 24 CLE.

Zaun Discovers Ancient Shuriman Spellbook

“Solar Codex” extracted from interdimensional stasis, taken to Zaun for study
BIBLIOTEK LLP HEADQUARTERS, Zaun— Rolanda Zelbak, managing partner of arcane research firm Bibliotek LLP, has publicly confirmed rumors that Zaun has discovered a long-lost Shuriman spellbook known as the “Solar Codex” and brought it back for examination. The Codex was discovered with cooperation from Xerath, an ancient Shuriman mage and perhaps the greatest “living” practitioner of mostly-forgotten Shuriman magic. Bibliotek has reportedly received an enormous infusion of capital from various research consortia to fund deeper study of the secrets contained within the tome. Zelbak stated that it was found in dangerous Shuriman ruins, locked into an interdimensional chronovault.
21 July, 24 CLE.

The final “scoreboard” for the Shuriman Dispute, reflecting the outcomes of almost 500 matches.

Zaun Wins Shuriman Dispute

Zaun victorious; Demacia, Piltover, Bandle City sanctioned for attack in Shurima
INSTITUTE OF WAR— The Shuriman Dispute, which began in March of this year, has ended, and the Council has proclaimed Zaun the victor. The lion’s share of the enchanted “dark sand” discovered in Shurima, including the mysterious Field 14, has been awarded to Zaun, and the Zaun Techmaturgical Institute has been granted responsibility to promulgate regulations concerning research into and use of the pyrikhos, subject to Council approval. Demacia, Piltover, and Bandle City have been given smaller plots of pyrikhos fields. They have also been formally sanctioned for their unlawful attack on Zaun’s pyrikhos mines in violation of the League’s peace edict. Representatives argued that the act was necessary to seal the Void rift forming within the mines and avert imminent apocalypse. Though Zaun countered that it was possible that the attack itself triggered the rift’s opening, the Council did issue relatively light sanctions. Perhaps the most noteworthy is that Demacia is henceforth forbidden from deploying its army without express Council approval, and must permit sentries to be posted at its borders to ensure compliance. The aggressors have also been ordered to provide monetary compensation to Zaun for the damage done in the attack.
24 July, 24 CLE.

Malzahar Escapes From League Captivity

Prophet of the Void returns to Icathia; League cancels warrant
THE RED TOWER, Institute of War— League officials have confirmed that Malzahar has escaped from his cell in the magical prison known as the Red Tower. He had been captured when the Shuriman Void rift was sealed and brought back to the Institute for questioning. It is not yet known how he could have escaped, although experts say that it could not have been possible without assistance from the inside, perhaps from a Summoner. After a closed session of the Council, the League has announced that it is cancelling its warrant, that its interrogation is complete, and that Malzahar may continue to appear on the Fields of Justice. Malzahar is now believed to reside in Icathia, where other Void Champions (such as Cho’gath and Vel’koz) have dwelled since breaking free during the Void War.
26 July, 24 CLE.

Demacia, Avarosan Sign Pact

Agreement signed by Prince Regent Jarvan IV and Queen Ashe
HALL OF NATIONS, Institute of War— A steadily building friendship between the Avarosan tribe and Demacia culminated in formal pact, duly signed by Prince Regent Jarvan IV and Queen Ashe in the presence of the Council. The pact establishes terms of trade and cooperation, and pledges Demacian military support in the event of an attack on the Avarosan by the Winter’s Claw or other hostile forces. This clause was amended to acknowledge
28 July, 24 CLE.


Yordles report sighting a blurred region to the west of Valoran, south of the Shadow Isles and Ceruleana. They claim that it appears to be another continent.

Possible New Continent Spotted From Yordle Moonbase

Land mass comparable in size to Valoran; located off the western coast
LUNAR BASE, the Moon— Bandle City’s scientists have announced the activation of a lunar observatory attached to their moonbase, which within the first few hours of operation has discovered what appears to be an uncharted continent off the western coast of Valoran. The land mass lies in unexplored waters, within an especially dangerous region of the sea inhabited by gigantic beasts and wracked by frequent storms. The findings were quickly disputed by League cartographers, who say that expeditions have ventured near enough that area that they should have already seen the continent via telescope. The port-city of Bilgewater is allegedly assembling an expedition to investigate.
1 August, 24 CLE.

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