Champion Recruitment Results for 3 July, 25 CLE

The Mushroom Wizard - Arc VII Banner Lines in the Sand

Here are the pickups going into the final weekend of this arc’s first tournament.

Roster Banner - Noxus

Noxus recruited Annie on June 26. As a Tertiary selection, she also consumes their pickup this week.

Roster Banner - Piltover

3 July, 25 CLE—Tristana, the Yordle Gunner, enters the dispute on behalf of Piltover. The completion of the Demacia–Bandle City stretch of the Velocitronic Railway would bring significantly greater prosperity and security to Bandle City. The Mothership Elders have instructed Tristana to do whatever she can to ensure its completion. On the somewhat less cheerful side, the lich queen Nefara and her undead army still occupy the Void-tainted necropolis in the southeastern region of Shurima, across the Voodoo Lands from Bandle City. Tristana’s homeland cannot truly be safe from this monstrous threat until Nefara is consigned to, as the yordles are wont to put it, “the Naptime Eternal.”

As the fragile Shuriman truce comes apart, Bandle City has rather pointedly demonstrated its latest defensive project: a battery of “Friendship Guns”, heavy-gauge cannons loaded with pyrikhos hexplosives designed by a joint Piltover-Bandle City team. When asked about the choice of name, which seems rather odd to non-yordle ears, Tristana cheerfully explained that they are a symbol of the friendship between Piltover and Bandle City—”and what’s so weird about guns and friendship, anyway? Boomer here’s one of my besties.”

Roster Banner - Shurima

3 July, 25 CLE—Zilean, the Chronokeeper, enters the dispute on behalf of Shurima. His ruined homeland, Urtistan, was a principality of the Shuriman Empire before it broke away to join the Magelords; it was destroyed by the summoner-knights of the Protectorate in the Second Rune War, hundreds of years before Azir’s time. Zilean witnessed this dark day from within a whirlwind of alternate timelines and parallel realities, now linked together in a bewildering fractal mindscape that blurs what was with what might have been. The rise of the Sun Disc, itself a symbol of the resurrection of a nation thought to have been forever lost, has illuminated a glimmer of hope within the chaos: a vision of a spell that could open a portal between timelines. Zilean does not know if this is merely the product of his own tortured mind, arriving at a solution much too late to be of use, or if it might be a lost memory.* Could some of his people have escaped Urtistan’s doom? He has pledged his loyalty to Azir in the hope that he might find answers as the secrets of Shurima are unearthed.

A Noxian Summoner was sanctioned for interrupting Zilean’s declaration of allegiance with a mocking question: “As a point of order, would it please the Council to confirm or deny whether the Magelords are also now petitioning for membership in the League?” A stand-up comic performing at the Heart of Gold that evening worked the incident into his routine: “But seriously, anyone else think it’s going to be real awkward when Zilean goes up to Azir and tells him he has a bad feeling about this Ascension ritual Xerath’s working on?”

*: Or, for that matter, a Doctor Who reference.

Detailed voting results are available here:

The runners-up were Zac (Secondary) and Rammus (Secondary).

Prior Recruitments

Recruitment Rules

Recruitment opportunities occur about three times per month. Factions may recruit either a Secondary or a Tertiary, but if they recruit a Tertiary, it also consumes their next selection. Factions may not recruit two Tertiaries in a row, unless they have exhausted their Secondary options.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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