Champion Recruitment Results for 12 June, 25 CLE

The Mushroom Wizard - Arc VII Banner Lines in the Sand

Roster Banner - Noxus

12 June, 25 CLE—Warwick, the Blood Hunter, enters the dispute on behalf of Noxus. He was transformed into his monstrous shape when he quaffed Singed’s unfinished potion. (Singed had warned him that without the final ingredient, the blood of a celestial being, the potion would have unpredictable results, but Warwick’s hunger for power overcame his fear—and, to be fair, Singed was sufficiently curious to observe the results that he did not exactly plead with Warwick not to drink the incomplete formula.) Ever since, he has slowly been losing his mind to the savage beast within. Linking with the minds of Summoners has slowed his descent into animal madness, but only slowed it; many brilliant techmaturgists at the Institute have tried and failed to devise a permanent solution. He failed to capture Soraka during the war in Shon-Xan, and the opening of the Void rift in Shurima during the Hextech Revolution has further worsened his condition. (The first Summoner to link with him after the Battle of Shurima, Adine Lathland of the Winter’s Claw, was consumed by bloodlust and committed several murders before being herself slain by a team dispatched by the Institute.) He now comes to Shurima in search of a cure—either by finding Shuriman magic that can complete the formula, or by testing to see if the blood of an Ascended being, a fusion of animal and man, might suffice.

Roster Banner - Piltover

12 June, 25 CLE—Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, enters the dispute on behalf of Piltover. His only clear memory from his former life is being left to die, sinking down as the hull of a ship receded into the distance. The techmaturgic machinery of his suit seems completely destroyed, or at least corrupted, but thorough examination indicates that it is originally of Piltovian make. In exchange for his assistance on the Fields, Piltover has dedicated a team of its researchers to examining the suit—also of great interest as a type of enchanted machinery that might be put to good use in its New Model Army—and attempting to coax some trace of information out of its enchantments.

This was a Tertiary pickup, and will cost Piltover its next pickup as well.

Roster Banner - Shurima

12 June, 25 CLE—Pantheon, the Artisan of War, enters the dispute on behalf of Shurima. Like Leona, he claims the ancestral right of the Targos, once a kingdom within the mighty Shuriman Empire. Nasus objected to his entrance, declaring that Pantheon embodies the reckless thirst for conquest that ancient Shurima did well to relegate to the periphery. Their fabled relic-weapons bear Shuriman inscriptions that originate with a fanatic war-cult, hunted almost to extinction by Nasus and Renekton during Azir’s reign. When Renekton emerged from the tomb, his once-noble spirit painfully fractured by his captivity, he forsook his identity as a guardian and swore himself to this cult, sinking deeper into his madness but finding freedom from his pain therein. When Nasus opposed Pantheon’s entrance, Renekton intervened with an ultimatum to Azir: accept the Rakkor, or face the combined fury of Renekton’s Shuriman warriors and Pantheon’s clan. Seeing no other choice, Azir relented, and a battle-shrine was consecrated with blood within the walls of the Shuriman capital for the first time in more than two thousand years.

This was a Tertiary pickup, and will cost Shurima its next pickup as well.

Detailed voting results are available here:

The runners-up were Annie (Tertiary), Zac (Secondary), and Varus (Tertiary).

The least-favored selections were Elise (Tertiary), Zilean (Secondary), and Kassadin (Tertiary).

You can discuss these pickups in this thread.

The next pickup will occur on June 26, though only Noxus will be eligible to select a Champion at that time, as both Piltover and Shurima chose Tertiary Champions this round.

Recruitment opportunities occur about three times per month. Factions may recruit either a Secondary or a Tertiary, but if they recruit a Tertiary, it also consumes their next selection. Factions may not recruit two Tertiaries in a row, unless they have exhausted their Secondary options.



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