Champion Recruitment Results for 24 July, 25 CLE

The Mushroom Wizard - Arc VII Banner Lines in the Sand

Here are the July 24 recruitment results, just in time for Factions Friday.

Roster Banner - Noxus

24 July, 25 CLE—Thresh, the Chain Warden, enters the dispute on behalf of Noxus, enticed by the prospect of harvesting souls from the battlefield. He is also driven to thwart the full restoration of Shuriman solar magic, which threatens the development of banishing spells like those wielded by Demacia.

As part of the partial early victory rules, Noxus has forged an alliance with the Shadow Isles for the duration of this dispute. It gained access to Kalista, Thresh, and Hecarim as recruitable Champions.

Roster Banner - Piltover

Last round, Piltover recruited Lux, a Tertiary Champion. Recruiting a Tertiary Champion consumes two pickups.

Roster Banner - Shurima

Shurima won partial early victory recently, gaining entrance into the League and securing Shurima’s sovereignty. The more generous rules applied to membership petitions have been replaced by harsher standards for Champion admission. (Shurima loses its next two Champion pickups. This is the second lost pickup.)

Detailed voting results are available here:

The runner-up was Hecarim (Secondary/Ally). No blue ribbon this time, Hecarim. :(

Prior Recruitments

Recruitment Rules

Recruitment opportunities occur about three times per month. Factions may recruit either a Secondary or a Tertiary, but if they recruit a Tertiary, it also consumes their next selection. Factions may not recruit two Tertiaries in a row, unless they have exhausted their Secondary options.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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