Discord was the third Factions storyline. It was preceded by Ceruleana, and followed by Shon-Xan.

Discord Banner


Participants: Bandle City, Demacia, Discord, Piltover
Victor: Discord
Setup: Through Ceruleana, Demacia had tipped the world’s balance to Order, but that balance soon re-asserts itself. In Icathia, the fabric of reality tears open and the Void invades. The forces of the Void, backed by undead armies raised by the sorcerers of the Shadow Isles, rampage across Valoran. (Nice job breaking it, heroes.)
Outcome: Although the combined might of Runeterra managed to drive the Void back from Noxus, the Void now holds power over Icathia. Much Noxian territory has been corrupted with dark magics and is uninhabitable.

Balance of Power Chart


Update 1 — Vengeance
Update 2 — The Battle for Noxus
Update 3 — Aftermath

Next Arc

Noxian refugees fled their contaminated lands in search of new homes. Many traveled across the sea to Ionia, where they founded a settlement in the wilderness. This soon sparked a new war between Noxus and Ionia. The League intervened to limit the scope of the conflict, and the Shon-Xan dispute began.

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