How You Can Help

Factions is a volunteer project, and depends upon community energy to move forward. If you’d like to contribute, here are some options. Energetic quality contributors may be offered a staff position, and possibly a free cupcake.

Play Matches

At its core, Factions is about people playing Factions matches. So go play some!

Both quality and quantity are important. Here are some specific ideas to keep in mind as you play:

  • Contribute to a fun, friendly atmosphere. Toss around some all-chat jokes. Compliment people on good plays. All-chat your Champion’s /joke. Roleplay Sona by using only emoticons.
  • Report ragers. There should be no tolerance for jerks in Factions. Toxic players should leave a Factions match with nine reports against them. That said, generally you should refrain from calling out toxic players in Factions chat: this tends to simply pour fuel on the fire. Report, mute if necessary, and move on.
  • Support new players. Some people are quite anxious about getting into a Factions match filled with Plats and Diamonds. Give them advice, help them out, compliment them on their good plays, and make them feel welcome. Are you a Diamond who ends up laning against a Bronze and eats them alive? A few friendly comments and maybe a couple constructive pointers are often very much appreciated.

League of Legends is not always known as a collaborative, friendly place. I think one of the great successes of Factions is that we’ve created a positive, welcoming community.

Start Matches

Any Summoner who’s signed up for Factions has the ability to organize a scored match anytime. We’ve written a match creation guide to walk you through the process. We greatly appreciate Summoners who take the initiative to get matches going.

As match organizer, you should keep a few key points in mind:

  • Make sure the match results are submitted.
  • Share Champion rosters, voice chat info, and other resources with the players, especially if you have new people in the lobby.
  • Set a good example in-game. Be friendly and positive.
  • Try to balance the teams as closely as possible.

Summoners who do a particularly good job of organizing matches may be invited to join the Factions team as Matchstaff.

Shoutcast Matches

There are two main components here: streaming and shoutcasting.

Streaming requires a moderately powerful computer, some free software, and a free Twitch.TV account.

Casting requires a microphone, free voice chat software, and someone to stream the match for you.

Visit our shoutcasting page for more information on how to get started.

Recruit Friends

More Factions Summoners means more matches that are more balanced and are organized more quickly. Here are some specific ideas for recruiting:

  • Message some friends. Link them to Consider starting a match and inviting them to try it out.
  • Bump the sign-up thread.
  • Had a nice team in yolo queue? Link in the post-game lobby.
  • Post a link to on Facebook or Twitter.

We actually get a significant share of sign-ups from personal referrals, so these efforts are definitely helpful to Factions.

Write Lore

Player-driven lore is a key part of Factions. There are two main channels through which you can contribute lore:

Visit those pages for more information on how to contribute.

Create Art

If you have an idea for some Factions art, such as something for a section of the site, let us know.

This could be artwork depicting an event in the Factions story, a banner or other piece of graphic design work for the site or the forums, a video, or something else.

Test Balance

Since Factions matches aren’t always even in terms of tiers, we’re trying to gather data on how to weight the different ranks. For example, how many points should an all-Gold Demacian team get for beating an all-Silver Ionian team?

We have launched an experiment to investigate this question. Any help is appreciated! All you have to do is set up a non-factions custom match and report the results.

2 comments on “How You Can Help
  1. ThorRush says:

    If you’re not looking for original artwork, you could use the Chinese LoL crests:

    I don’t know if you could use the Riot’s badges for World of Factions placements?

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