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League Faceoff-Factions
Factions is built around matches fought between factions (such as Demacia or Noxus) using faction-specific Champion lists. In ordinary disputes, any faction may hire any Summoner or Champion who is willing; indeed, they may not know the identity of their employer until the match is complete, to further ensure impartiality. But there are some clashes of nations of such import that partiality must be openly acknowledged. In such disputes, Champions and Summoners swear allegiance to a particular faction for the course of the dispute, striving on their behalf both on the Fields of Justice and beyond.

While we try to stick close to Riot and Factions lore for our roster explanations, in some cases we’ve bent the rules a little for the sake of playability. In our defense, most of these Champions are rather unstable and (shall we say) willful personalities, making any argument of the form “Champion C would NEVER fight for Faction F!” intrinsically suspect.

Champion Rosters

Full rosters follow. For each faction, we’ve listed their current rosters, as well as the Champions they can recruit as the arc progresses.


Current Freljord Champions

Formatted so that you can copy-paste it into the Champion Select search box.


Freljord Roster - Kin-Fire - Week 3

Champion Recruitment

  • Week 2: Gnar
  • Week 3: Quinn & Valor
  • Week 5:


Current Shadow Isles Champions

Formatted so that you can copy-paste it into the Champion Select search box.


Shadow Isles Roster - Kin-Fire - Week 3

Champion Recruitment

  • Week 2: Amumu
  • Week 3: Sion
  • Week 5:

Melee Matches

For Melee matches, which can be fought in parallel with Kin-Fire arc matches, see the Melee page for rosters.

107 comments on “Faction Rosters
  1. Wizard996 says:

    Viktor and Nocturne have uber-sized pics. Might want to look into that.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      It seems that LoL Wiki has resized a bunch of the images we’re linking to. I’ll have to download all the Champion portraits and manually resize them, then upload them and redo the links. That might take a while, but I’ll see what I can do.

      EDIT: Okay, I did a quick find-and-replace to force them into the right height and width. Let’s see if that works.

  2. Rextreff says:

    Bandle City



    Fizz|Gangplank|Graves|Miss|Nami|Naut|Diana|Katarina|Jax|Twisted Fate|Sivir|Janna











    The Shadow Isles




    The Void




  3. Anguibok says:

    What about make a faction called United Jungle with :
    This faction represent the nature in the south of Valoran (Only Scarner and maybe Ryze came from the north of Great Barrier.)

  4. Wizard996 says:

    Void still says is has 5 core champs. Should probably be updated now that Rek’Sai exists.

    Also, would some SI champs, or beings such as Shaco possibly be involved with them, considering Discord? I know that some of SI Summoners are easing off the Void (exhibit A: Krocylea), but I would think that some champs such as Thresh, Hecarim, Morde might still be secondary.

  5. dude2 says:

    Ok I joined a faction what now?

  6. LordVeral says:

    How does the favor and such work? where can i find that on the site here? i’m an aatrox main so understanding how this works when choosing a faction that can potentially recruit aatrox would be kinda benificial…since i’m getting more and more interested in Factions

  7. Quiloren says:

    Graves isn’t in the “paste this into the search” text, even though he’s not MIA to my knowledge.

  8. Wizard996 says:

    Since Jax seems to be on the Bilgewater roster from what I saw in last week’s featured matches, shouldn’t it be updated to show that? Thanks, though it probably just slipped your mind.

  9. RaptorAttacks says:

    It would be nice if the Shadow Isles had a Free Hostile champion, because they don’t get Leona, and Kassadin would hate them. Maybe its just me, but saying “Yeah, you can use Leona, You can use Kassadin, Shadow Isles can have… uhm… this nice rock!”.

    Maybe if the Freljord picks up a Demacian Champion, a faction can grab Darius?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Part of the problem is that SI isn’t very snuggly. I’m not sure if anyone really likes them. (QQ.) Any suggestions?

      • Zyorhist says:

        Still wondering what’s up with maokai…

      • Zyorhist says:

        also, is there any plans to fit in kayle/morgana…if kayle shows up for any of the factions, morg can be a hostile pick for the others.

      • Zyorhist says:

        ok…so as to keep from posting a bunch more times, there are champs that thematically don’t have a reason to be or not to be included somewhere in this arc, first is rengar, second ryze, vlad, and gnar. Then you have vayne, who would likely be anti-shadow isles, but could be included. Rengar is just looking for the best prey, and ryze is against brand. So they could be worked in, though not a necessity, and then you have the ones I posted before, maokai, where does he belong, and kayle/morg could fit in here somewhere too. Maybe morg decided to join SI and kayle is a hostile against her, afterall morg just wants power, and the SI knows where to get power.

      • Tolack says:

        Hmm.. If Kass is picked into SI, SI can pick up Malz maybe?

  10. Zyorhist says:

    Maokai?? shouldn’t he be here somewhere

  11. MiRaClEmAn101 says:

    Why isn’t Sion in Shadow Isles? He’s brought back to life by Necromancers from the Shadow Isles, and is an undead abomination.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I had no good answer for why he wasn’t listed. So I stuck him on as a Secondary Champion. The latest lore indicates closer ties between SI and Noxus, so it seems appropriate.

  12. Exvayate says:

    What about adding Rumble for unlockable champion in Bilgewater? :^)

  13. endervictorious says:

    Can Maokai join the Shadow Isles since his birth place was there?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I really liked Maokai on SI. He fits their strats, and he’s spooky. Unfortunately, his new lore makes it pretty clear that he’s “anti-Shadow Isles”. We’d have to come up with a lorehack of some kind, like I did for Rumble in Mirrorwater.

  14. Cobra Commander says:

    Maybe The Black Rose can join The Shadow Isles since Elise is a member?

  15. Wexiomatic says:

    Bilgewater’s initial roster is far smaller than the other three. Are the others initial rosters going to be trimmed down to match it, so some of those core champs become earnable? Or maybe Bilge can just start with TF to shore things up a bit.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      The fundamental fact is that there are not many Bilgewater Champions in League of Legends, even if we stretch that definition considerably.

      We debated whether to cut every faction down to the same size. We rejected this approach for a few reasons.

      (1) This would require cutting several iconic Champions from other rosters. I do not think it makes sense, for example, to have an Ionian starting roster without Shen or Lee Sin.

      (2) Number of Champions is not historically a meaningful predictor of success. Discord won its arc, despite an extremely small starting roster. In fact, there’s some indication that smaller rosters have an advantage, because players learn the roster and start developing strategies much faster. Large rosters sometimes promote “solo queue play”, which is almost always suboptimal in Factions.

      We then considered expanding Bilgewater’s roster to match the others. We actually did: originally, Katarina was going to be a Secondary Champion. The problem with this is that Bilgewater is already going to hit its Tertiary Champion list pretty early. We’d like it to at least start with a cohesive maritime theme (well, plus Kat).

      • ottman714 says:

        I think that Lee Sin and Varus would be better off as secondaries. I know that most people would believe Ionia /needs/ Varus because of the meta, but Varus’s lore would be one that suggests secondary at most. Lee Sin to me is also a bit of a stretch but I think one or the other could be satisfied in the secondary list. I don’t want to take too much from Ionia, but consider moving one of them to secondary.

        • CupcakeTrap says:

          Varus: He’s their only ADC. I’m all for counter-meta play, but stripping them of a remotely standard option for such a key role is IMO going too far. Besides, I see Ionia as sort of this arc’s Demacia: a fairly new-player-friendly balanced faction that isn’t too eccentric. Making them a no-ADC faction would change that.

          Lee Sin: The dude set himself on fire in the original Noxus vs. Ionia tournament. You can’t sideline someone who literally set himself on fire for Ionia.

      • LordoftheFourth (formerly LERY JNKNS) says:

        “Making them a no-ADC faction would change that” -CCT

        Yet you leave the shadow isles with no starting ADC. This is counter to what you just said. by not giving SI a starting ADC, yet given all others one puts them in a bad starting position.

        And despite what anyone may say, Crittle-sticks is still a secondary way of playing. therefore, im not counting that or other unconventional build paths for these champs.

      • Companion Prism says:

        Thresh can be played as an ADC. Its unorthodox, but it can be made to work. Likewise, part of the initial pitch for SI was that its roster made no sense; like that was made absolutely clear. Fairly sure that’s part of the reason it was picked.

        On another note, I see Bilgewater as being enough of an outsider to somewhat forge its own destiny in this arc if it wanted to, similar to how Zaun was given the chance to bring in Xerath and build the Shuriman angle.

  16. […] Champion Lists […]

  17. Sinspurch says:

    seriously need to look at which champions belong what Faction and who ISNT on these “rosters”. If you serioiusly go by your first factor…then you should know Lucian is Demacian, Leona is Mt. Targon, Veigar is Bandle City etc etc etc. Some champions are ONLY connected to a certain Faction b/c of their Lore but where they stand is completely different.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Lucian is indeed Demacian. For this arc, though, we decided to trim a few standard Demacian Champions from their starting roster, so that they’d only start with one more Champion than the other three factions. Rosters generally start small and then expand as the story progresses; this provides some story material and also introduces a meta-strategy element in that factions need to think carefully about which Champion they want to unlock next. Lucian was an option for Demacia in the first interactive lore event, but Demacia chose Leona instead.

      Leona was added by the first interactive lore event. She is from Mt. Targon, but has strong thematic and gameplay synergy with Demacia. Lore-wise, she seems sympathetic to Demacian ideals.

      Veigar is considered a “secondary” Champion for Bandle City owing to his somewhat complicated history with it. He was an option for Bandle City in the first interactive lore event, but they did not select him. He might still show up later.

      • Sinspurch says:

        Whats the point of having over 100 champions and not recognizing that they all are apart of a Faction and should be play in this(imo)fun game type? No one has the right to alter Riot Games decision on a champions Lore ties other than Riot Games.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        > Whats the point of having over 100 champions and not recognizing that they all are apart of a Faction and should be play in this(imo)fun game type? No one has the right to alter Riot Games decision on a champions Lore ties other than Riot Games.

        To begin with, if we have 4 active factions per arc and 119 Champions, we’re looking at about 30 Champions per roster. Such large rosters would, I expect, dissolve the unique gameplay elements of each faction and make it more of a solo queue slugfest.

        And that’s assuming we managed to divvy up the Champions more or less evenly. In reality, it would be lopsided, with some factions having more like 50 Champions and others having a dozen or so.

        I’m not altering their lore ties. The premise of Factions is that, for certain special disputes of great importance, Champions and Summoners (who normally fight for a range of factions) must declare their allegiance and petition for entry. (This has some basis in the original Ionia vs. Noxus tournament, for which each side was given a set roster of Champions — though at the time they couldn’t really form proper Noxian/Ionian rosters, due to a lack of Champions.) I don’t disagree that Lucian is from Demacia, but maybe it took him a while to convince the Council to let him join Demacia’s side in this particular dispute, for instance.

        I get a lot of requests to add, e.g., Nidalee or Zyra to a faction. This can certainly be done, and I’m not averse to a couple “wildcard” adds as bonus prizes — though it can quickly get out of hand. (See, e.g., the Piltover Hextech Revolution roster, which is a complete disaster. “Oh hey, it’s Karma and Rammus, from Piltover!”) But it stops feeling like Factions if you stack every roster with a bunch of discordantly themed Champions.

  18. Anakslumos says:

    can you play any champ in your faction? ex: I don’t have viktor but if I pick zaun will I be able to play him.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Joining a faction doesn’t in itself provide any additional access to that faction’s Champions. It’s probably a good idea to choose a faction for which you have at least a few Champions unlocked.

  19. RaptorAttacks says:

    Maybe its just me, but maybe Urgot should be in the Zaun team? (A Zaunite Professor revived Urgot) (People not wanting to play TF ADC)

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